Shiels Kiss Cam – Adelaide vs West Coast Eagles


Introducing Haydn and his lovely fiancé Nikki

Footy finals season is officially at fever pitch! We’re only days away from the AFL Grand Final when we see Hawthorn vs the ### fight it out over the title. We feel like we have saved one of our best Shiels Kiss Cam couples for last – introducing Haydn and his fiancé Nikki.

This clearly-in-love couple were caught on our Kiss Cam at the Adelaide vs West Coast Eagles game. We had a chat with the very lovely Haydn the other day to get the lowdown on himself and Nikki. According to Haydn, these two were almost caught on a previous Kiss Cam at the Adelaide vs Port showdown game, with friends Cail and Liesel getting their pash on film instead. This time round it was all about Haydn and Nikki. Having missed out the first time, it was clear Haydn was determined to not only be on our Kiss Cam but to make it one hell of a kiss for us!


Of the two of them, Nikki, a nurse, is by far the bigger Adelaide Crows fan. Haydn has been a West Coast fan but over the last few years has been well and truly converted to the Adelaide Crows side by his fiancé. Nikki, a huge fan, made the journey to Victoria to catch the Melbourne vs Adelaide game. Though her team may have lost the match, Nikki found herself on cloud nine on the flight home. As luck would have it, this fan was surrounded by the entire Adelaide Crows team, however she was (according to Haydn) just a little bit too shy to strike up a conversation with one of the boys. Nonetheless the trip was definitely a highlight for the year for this Crows fan!


Haydn and Nikki have been together for three years, with Haydn popping the question last year in what has to be one of the cutest proposal stories we’ve heard for some time that we can’ help but share with our readers! Around Christmas last year, on his birthday, Haydn planned a romantic afternoon at Semaphore beach. It was a balmy summer day shared with the pair’s adorable Cavoodle, Molly. This cute puppy played a pivotal role in the proposal, toting the engagement ring tied to her collar. Picking his moment, Haydn took his jacket off to reveal a T-shirt with the words “Will you marry me” on it. Of course Nikki said yes – who could resist such an adorable proposal? The wedding date is set for the 17th of October, just a few short weeks away.


When asked what he will do with the $100 gift card to spend at Shiels, Haydn’s response was perfect. Unfortunately it’s a bit of a surprise so we can’t tell you what it is, but we will tell you this – he is one romantic fella!

Congratulations to these two super cute lovebirds on their upcoming nuptials, we can already tell that you two have a bright and wonderful future together!


We are at the end of the football season which means it’s just about time to vote on who your favourite Kiss Cam pashing couple is. The winning couple gets two 1 year memberships to the Adelaide Crows. And of course there’s something in it for you guys too, anyone who votes goes into the draw to win a stunning solitaire diamond ring worth $3999. So keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for details.