Colbie Smulders Aquamarine Ring Coby Smulders in perfectly complementary colours with emerald cut aquamarine ring

The days are getting shorter, the weather is slightly cooler and the leaves are beginning to change. March is by far one of the prettier months of the year and it is no surprise that the March Birthstone of Aquamarine has the good looks to match. According to legend, Aquamarine is regarded as the lucky gem used by sailors as a talisman for protection, while mermaids favoured its ocean blue hues before any other gem. Lucky or not, the Aquamarine shines with the colours of the ocean and clear blue skies. The blue tones of Aquamarine complements most skin tones and is perfectly matched with the whiter metals of white gold, platinum and sterling silver. What makes Aquamarine so popular, apart from its sky blue colours, is its excellent clarity and transparency. Aquamarine is often almost entirely free of inclusions making the stones sparkle and shine that much more brilliantly. Actresses known to favour Aquamarine jewellery include Coby Smulders (from How I Met your Mother Fame) seen wearing a stunning emerald cut ring and Kate Hudson sporting a fabulously bold aquamarine ring.

Kate Hudson Aquamarine ring Kate Hudson with her bold aquamarine ring

Get the Aquamarine look from Shiels with our Aquamarine Trilogy Ring in 9ct White Gold – the perfect piece to go with those beginning-of-autumn outfits. Pair this ring with the natural pear Aquamarine and diamond set pendant in 9ct white gold to finish off the look. Aquamarine Trilogy Ring in 9ct White Gold Natural Aquamarine and Diamonds set Pear Pendant in 9ct White Gold Other stylish pieces from Shiels include the Aquamarine and diamond ring in 9ct white gold which also makes a beautiful coloured alternative to the normal diamond engagement ring. Aquamarine and Diamond Ring in 9ct White Gold (TW=19pt) At Shiels we pride ourselves on our brilliant 1 Carat diamonds but our vast range of birthstones are as beautiful as they are varied. To receive an Aquamarine from Shiels would be the ultimate way to celebrate a birthday in March.