choose an engagement ring

It’s all things bridal here at Shiels this July, so it’s no wonder we’ve got engagement rings on our minds! Men polled around the Shiels Head Office were in two minds about choosing an engagement ring – it was either a spectacularly easy decision to make or one that was so hard they studied jewellery catalogues for weeks. For those filled with angst when it comes to choosing engagement rings, let us give you a hand.

You could relieve yourself of all manners of stress by simply discussing with your fiancé-to-be about what she would prefer in an engagement ring. However, if you’re popping the question as a surprise you’ll have to try something else. Have a look at the styles of rings she’s already got, ask friends and family for suggestions (provided they can keep a secret!) and have a think about the kind of fashion styles she wears e.g. is she a 50s glamour puss, into the latest runway fashions or a minimalist kind of girl?

For those planning to wing it and choose something on their own, it’s best to be methodical and narrow down your choices. First, begin with what colour metal, white, yellow gold, silver or platinum?


'Solitaire Diamond Ring in 18ct Gold (TW=50pt)

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring in 18ct Gold (TW=1.0CT)                 

From there you choose the shape of the diamond that you think looks best. There are over seven different cuts when it comes to centre stones. However, don’t get yourself too over whelmed by the choices. Here at Shiels, we have over 30 years of experience  in choosing rings and we can tell you, there’s three stone shapes that are by far the most popular (and popular for good reason!) – Brilliant round, princess and cushion cut. 

'Solitaire Certified Diamond Engagement Ring in 18ct Gold (TW=1CT)

Princess Cut

Solitaire Diamond Ring in 9ct White Gold (TW=0.5CT)

Brilliant Round Cut

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring in 14ct White Gold (TW=1CT)

Cushion Cut


Once you’ve settled on the colour and cut you’re almost home free. The last thing to decide is whether to keep the ring as a classic solitaire style or add side stones, a halo or pave diamonds on the band.

'Diamond Engagement Ring in 14ct White Gold (TW=75pt)


Flawless Cut Diamond Trilogy Ring in 18ct Yellow Gold (TW=55pt)


Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring in 18ct Gold (TW=65pt)

Pave Band


And there you have it, in three eyes steps you’ve chosen that special ring without the weeks of studying jewellery catalogues. Choosing an engagement ring is supposed to be a fun time. Don’t let all the choices out there overwhelm you, take your time, narrow down your search and then pick the style you think your bride-to-be will love.  To browse our range of diamond engagement rings, head to the diamond rings page of our website or visit our staff in-store who love nothing more than helping choose lovely engagement rings. If all else fails, we also have our in-store 365 promise which allows you to change your mind after you purchase.