How will you be spending your Christmas this year?

How will you be spending your Christmas this year?  

With only two sleeps until Christmas we thought it might be nice to ask our stores and our customers how they will be spending the happy holiday. Christmas isn’t just about presents it’s a fantastic time to bring together families and distant friends. So here we go let’s start, how will you spending your Christmas this year? 


Toby Bensimon, our Managing Director is looking forward to spending his days off indulging and enjoying all the yummy Christmas food he can fit in. He’s also looking forward to his nieces and nephews being around.


Lorraine from Shiels Joondalup will be spending her Xmas day on the beach, whilst Channelle from the same store will be spending her Christmas with family playing with nieces and nephews. Leanne again from Shiels Joondalup, will be spending Christmas at her sister’s house eating lots of lovely food.

Lara from Shiels Munno Para will be spending Christmas day with her 2 sisters and all their children. We think there will be lots of presents to be opened!


Jemma from Maroochydore will be spending her day like this: 

“I will be with family spending the day gorging on Christmas food, watching the kids enjoy their presents. Having family time with maybe a ‘drinky’ or two and thoroughly enjoying the day and the company”.

Belinda from Head Office will be enjoying Christmas like this: “We have a big family, so Christmas is a big get together for lunch. Gifts are exchanged and lots of food consumed”


Stephanie from Head Office will be spending her Christmas having a “jolly good” time with her family including an excited six year old, some good food and perhaps a champagne or too whilst opening a million presents.

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing we hope that you and your family have a fabulous and safe Christmas enjoying the best things in life - family, friends and food (booze). Maybe if you have been good you might get a diamond or two.

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Don’t panic if you have left your Christmas shopping too late you can always head in-store and buy a gift card or perhaps order a belated Christmas gift online.