Christmas is a time where communities celebrate the importance of family and friendship across a wide range of religions and cultures. Three enduring and beloved talismans and amulets that are found in many cultures, reflect, refine and reinforce our common humanity and are perfect gifts this Christmas for either sex. Shiels pays homage to the values that inspire these talismans and offers you the opportunity to be part of this tradition with three alluring jewellery gifts that may help you delight someone you love and make his or her Christmas truly memorable. The 7 Rings of Luck capture these values perfectly. Long Life, Friendship and Health are the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday precursors to Thursday’s  Love, Friday’s Wealth, Saturday’s Peace and Sunday’s ultimate Happiness.  Shiels offers this amulet in gold- filled and silver- filled yellow, white and rose gold rings that the wearer turns by touch each day to be in tune with the sentiment of each ring. Add a 45cm (18 inch) Singapore (twisted curb) chain and your week is complete, not just for Christmas but for the years that follow. 9ct Gold-filled Seven Rings Of Luck Pendant with Singapore Chain The three great theological values of Faith, Hope and Charity (Love) are reflected and respected in  equally desirable and time- honoured manner in beautiful yellow gold- filled form on a 45 cm gold filled necklace. 9ct Gold-filled Faith Hope and Charity Charm Pendant on Chain The Anchor is the core symbol of Hope, derived from maritime traditions. It is the great amulet and protector of sailors and for all of us negotiating the changing seas of life with a desire for smooth seas and hopes for safe harbor. The Cross, originally the symbol of the Sun God, Apollo and then adopted by Christians, is the symbol of Faith in each other’s essential humanity and in a power greater than the limits of ourselves. The Heart is the most modern of these three talismans and has taken  the core meaning of Charity and the Love that is the basis of Charity, both for ourselves and others.   The Horseshoe may well be the most recognized of all three talismans. In former times, the ill will of malignant spirits was believed to be negated by the shape. The goodwill we are all capable of and that is most visible at Christmas is reputed to be captured and amplified by the shape of the shoe and reflected back up to the wearer who is invigorated and strengthened. 9ct Yellow Gold-filled Horse Shoe 45cm Necklace Shiels and the 3 talismans. We believe in good luck at Christmas for everyone. Be part of these time-honoured traditions and share the luck around with those you love.