Pearl is the birthstone for June. It’s also one of the more unique gems as it is one of only 4 organic gemstones in existence. Natural pearls are still extremely rare, taking up to eight years to form. Whilst pearls are often given as romantic and thoughtful gifts, the process of pearls being formed is anything but. Once thought to be formed from the tears of the goddess of love, Aphrodite, pearls are actually formed when a particle, such as a piece of shell gets lodged into the flesh of a mollusc. The oyster protects its soft tissue from the irritant by covering it in smooth layers of a substance called nacre, hardening over time into the shimmering pearls that you see today.

Pearls are a particularly wonderful gift for brides-to-be as traditionally pearls are thought to bring good luck on your wedding day. Pearls are said to represent the ‘tears of joy’ to be experienced in the future. So to all the grooms out there, consider buying your wife-to-be some pearls – after all, happy wife, happy life!

Weddings aside, pearls have long been considered a symbol of wealth and status, with pearls adorning the rich, famous and royal for centuries. Nothing is more iconic than the four strand pearl necklace Audrey Hepburn wore in the classic movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Other famous starlets who wore pearls with elegance and style includes the always beautiful Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe. From screen starlet to Princess, Grace Kelly was often captured wearing elegant pearl strand bracelets, necklaces and pearl stud earrings. Marilyn Monroe, also a screen siren was also often seen in pearls, most notable the white strand of pearls Joe DiMaggio gave her during their honeymoon.

Elegant Pearls

From left: Icons of style in pearls, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe.

To emulate that classic Hollywood style, Shiels has a beautiful range of pearl jewellery in a range of colours and styles. Channel a bit of Audrey Hepburn style with our 160cm strand necklace, or Grace Kelly with a cream pearl bracelet. Or try something simple like our champagne pearl pendant in yellow gold.

Freshwater White Pearl 160cm Strand Freshwater Cream Pearl Bracelet 19cm 'Alyce' Pearl and Diamond Set Pendant in 9ct Yellow Gold on Chain


Whatever your style, pearls will always add an element of elegance to any outfit and always make a wonderful present for the cherished woman in your life. For those born in June, Pearls are the perfect accessory to celebrate your special day.