Despite it being an Irish tradition, St Patrick’s Day is celebrated across the globe every year on the 17th of March. In Australia, the day is commemorated with parades, green tinged beers, many glasses of Guinness and of course the quintessential green shamrock. With 10% of our population boasting Irish roots, it’s no wonder the Irish holiday is celebrated with so much enthusiasm every year in Australia.

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Despite all evidence suggesting that Ireland has never had snakes, legend tells us St. Patrick rid the Emerald Isle of all snakes. Historians propose this tale is more symbolic of St Patrick ridding the country of ‘evil’ pagan ways instead. St. Patrick is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland and so became the patron saint of the nation and figure of devotion. Part of the St Patrick’s Day traditions is to wear the symbolic green three leaf clover known as the Shamrock or simply to wear something green on the day. It’s also traditional to give someone a bit of a pinch, should they not be wearing anything green on St. Patrick’s Day – so watch out!

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For those of you wanting to avoid multiple pinches from colleagues and friends on St Patrick’s Day, add a bit of green to your outfit with our lucky four leaf clover pendant in 9ct gold. However, if four leaf clovers aren’t your style, try some of Shiels’ gorgeous range of jewellery with Peridot and Emerald gemstones – sure to make your friends green with envy and ensure you’re covered for St Patrick’s Day!

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