Your jewellery is not immune from the wear and tear of normal life and deserves the respect, attention and affection that brought it into your life in the first place.

The Shiels mantra for jewellery care is simple and effective; Wear, Store, Wash, Care.

jewellery care


Jewellery is meant to be worn and enjoyed but there are times and places to avoid wearing it.  Jewellery related accidents at work means it is strongly advisable not to wear jewellery in the many jobs that might cause a physical injury. Be safe. Take it off for later. It is not just spas and pools that should be avoided as places to wear jewellery but any contact with chlorine bleaches or peroxides. A hair dresser, fashion model, beautician or home maker is likely to suffer just as much damage to jewellery than a professional swimmer as hair products, perfumes, cosmetics, creams and cleaning products can play havoc with the alloys in gold and silver jewellery. Remove before use and put on after. Wear wisely.



To minimise tarnishing of your jewellery due to oxidization wrap jewellery in gentle fabric and store in zip lock bags or dedicated jewellery pouches. Prevent items from touching each other and add anti-tarnish strips when storing.



There are many ways suggested to clean jewellery at home but purchasing a commercial jewellery cleaner from a trusted jeweller is the safest option. You can purchase jewellery cleaner from any Shiels store. Remember, don’t use this cleaner with pearls or jewellery like turquoise, pearl, shell (cameos for instance) or emeralds.



No matter how meticulously you look after your jewellery, the normal wear and tear of life is unavoidable. Given this reality, the most sensible and economical thing to do is to purchase a professional jewellery care plan offered at the point of purchase. For a nominal amount compared to the initial cost of the jewellery, you can buy lifetime care and remove the worry completely. Shiels offers precisely this and peace of mind care. Shiels Professional Care Plan offers options to suit your personal jewellery care needs from $15, removing all that anxiety,  as Shiels is a jeweller totally behind a life- time commitment to its customers. Shiels gives you the confidence in the quality and value of its jewellery, leaving you to enjoy the treasure that is now part of you and your life and that of those you love. The plan guarantees the following and backs it with the 365 day promise that is the Shiels signature; • Refinishing and Polishing • Tightening stone settings • Re-tipping prongs through normal wear and tear • Plating White Gold with rhodium • Ring sizing • Chain and Bracelet repair • Inspection, Cleaning & Resetting of stones And the normal wear and tear that suggests • Earring repair • Replacing clasps It’s uniquely Shiels. And that  is how you care for your jewellery.