When you have been in a relationship for a while and you have been waiting for that special someone to ask a particular question perhaps you should start dropping hints. Maybe you know that big proposal is coming soon but you want to steer your partner in selecting something a little more you. There’s nothing wrong with a subtle hint here and there, after all you will be wearing your engagement ring for what we hope will be a very long time. Try some of these tips on dropping the perfect hint and getting the perfect ring that you will truly love.

  • Know what kind of style you would like for yourself. Try lots of rings on. What you think you might like isn’t always what you might end up with. Try your friends’ rings on and visit jewellery stores and try all different styles until you find something you like.
  • Visit jewellery stores with your partner and show him the types of styles that you think look best on yourself.
  • Search the internet for jewellery inspiration. Pinterest is always a great source of inspiration. Or look to your favourite TV and movie stars, their jewellery at award ceremonies or events is always stunning. By using the internet, you can see how a particular style suits certain hair types or outfits- all from the comfort of your own home. Don’t forget to show your partner the styles you are leaning towards though!
  • Grab your latest Shiels catalogue and leave it near the fridge or in the bathroom opened up to the right page with your favourite item circled. Everyone has to eat and visit to the bathroom so remember: location, location, location! Note, if your partner is particularly clueless perhaps wrap the catalogue around their favourite beer in the fridge
  • Tell your best friend / sister what style you are coveting. We are sure they will step in and help any hapless partner.
  • Technology can sometimes be your best friend, visit our Shiels website and with every product you can click on the button that says Send a Hint Look for this symbol on our site
    Send Hint Send Hint
    and the piece you love will arrive in your partner’s inbox. Searching items on a common PC is also ideal as often advertising will pop-up while you’re using the internet later.
  • Go onto the Shiels Facebook page and share a piece that you love on your own timeline (make sure you make this share public). This piece will pop up on your newsfeed and those of your friends and hopefully your partner’s newsfeed. Otherwise you can directly message Facebook posts in a message to your partner.

If all else fails there’s no reason why you can’t buy yourself a ring that you love. This ring can become your engagement ring or a gorgeous ring for your right hand. Or maybe you can suggest that you wouldn’t mind being proposed to with a simple band or commitment ring and you can perhaps search for the ideal engagement ring together once the big question has been popped! These commitment rings are perfect for a proposal

Diamond Dress Ring 'I Love You' in 9ct Yellow Gold (TW=1-4pt) Diamond Dress Ring 'I Love You' in 9ct Yellow Gold (TW=1-4pt)
Diamond 'I Love You' Dress Ring in 9ct Yellow Gold Diamond 'I Love You' Dress Ring in 9ct Yellow Gold
Created Pink Sapphire Love Ring in 9ct White Gold Created Pink Sapphire Love Ring in 9ct White Gold