Lady in Red

Lady in Red...

We all love to covet the latest Hollywood styles especially when it comes to red carpet looks but owning this look could be a little out of our reach. With custom tailored gowns by the biggest European fashion designers, these starlets know how to work an awards event. Two of the hottest “It girls” right now, Olivia Wilde and Jennifer Lawrence incorporated the luscious colour of red into their outfits. Now the red gown might be a bit above our budgets but what about incorporating Garnet pieces into your everyday style?


Olivia Wilde Red Carpet Red Dress

Jennifer Lawrence Red Carpet Red Dress

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Garnet is the January birthstone and its name originates from the Latin word for seed – granate. This is because the red hue of a garnet is said to be similar to the colour of a pomegranate seed.


Garnets, although as beautiful and as glamourous as rubies, are earthier in their red colouring. The colour of a Garnet is closer to the colour of Olivia Wilde’s dress and the colour of a ruby is more similar to Jennifer Lawrence’s dress. Colour isn’t the only thing that’s important with this stone, Garnets are said to be capable of regeneration and energizing. Garnets can completely revitalize your whole system and can bring stabilisation to chaos and disorder.


Garnets are known as protective gemstones used to protect one’s self from nightmares, during travel and have been associated as a tool to access ancient memories thus helpful with past life regressions. Garnets are so powerful that they have even been used to release bad karma – another way to protect one’s self.


At Shiels we love to see Garnets mixed with diamonds and set in 9ct yellow gold to offer a classic and almost regal style to any outfit. Similar to the citrine, ruby and diamond necklace that Olivia Wilde is sporting, the mix of gold and diamonds offsets the beauty of the garnet and creates a more dramatic piece. Paired with a bold red lip, Garnets ensure you have a fierce summer ensemble.


Olivia Wilde Red Carpet Red Dress 2


Garnet and Cubic Zirconia Ring in 9ct Yellow Gold

Garnet and Diamond Drop Earrings in 9ct Yellow Gold

Garnet and Diamonds Set Flame Stud Earrings in 9ct Yellow Gold


For your own gemstone of protection, perhaps you should shop your own Garnet piece here.