Cognac and White Diamond Ring in 9ct Yellow Gold (TW=1CT) Let me share a mystery with you. No one really understands how cognac diamonds and their alluring sisters in champagne, yellow and pink, get their colour. Some say 3 billion years of pressure under the East Kimberley mantle of Western Australia has realigned the very lattice of the diamond but no one really knows. Western Australia Diamonds Dress Ring in 9ct Gold (TW=75pt) What we do know is that nearly all of these glorious anomalies of nature are Australian born and bred, capturing the hearts and minds of everyone fortunate enough to encounter them. Occasionally one of these bewitching beauties is discovered elsewhere. The Incomparable Diamond was one such discovery, an internally flawless, 407 carat, triolette- cut sensation, teased from the matrix of the largest brown diamond ever found. Diamond Dress Ring in 9ct Yellow Gold (TW=0.5CT)   The same autumnal colours of these diamonds continue to dominate high fashion and award shows from Paris, London, Los Angeles and Milan to Tokyo and Melbourne, year after year.  The delicious chocolate and intoxicating champagne palette of these diamonds add a hitherto missing dimension to high fashion. Cognac and White Diamond Ring in 9ct Yellow Gold (TW=55pt) When you think of stellar moments on the Oscar red carpet, Gwyneth Patrow would have to be right up there. She graced the Oscars in a Zac Posen, chiffon, dusky peach, mermaid gown, accessorizing with an inspired jewellery combination of white and cognac diamonds. Solitaire Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring in 14ct Gold (TW=75pt) Diamonds in champagne, cognac and yellow continued to dazzle and delight on the Red Carpet. Zoe Kravitz chose a Fred Leighton, vintage, 1920’s cognac diamond bracelet for her Oscar moment while other celebrities preferred yellow. Kate Winslet wore a yellow diamond necklace made for her by Tiffany, with matching yellow diamond bracelet and drop earrings. Mo’Nique opted for a Chopard, yellow diamond bracelet set with princes-cut gems and another bracelet embellished with radiant-cut diamonds in a more subdued, yellow hue than the other. Yellow and White Diamonds Dress Sterling Silver Ring (TW=30pt) Given this love affair with cognac and champagne diamonds, it is the most natural thing in the world that they are now, increasingly, the choice of many engagement couples when buying the ring that symbolizes their commitment and love. Shiels takes considerable pride in being one of the first jewellers in the world to respond to the growing demand for these astonishing diamonds as engagement rings and for the burgeoning desire for them as other magical jewellery options. Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring in 18ct Gold (TW=30pt) The joy these diamonds inspire has seen a demand for them as highly desired eternity, cocktail and dress rings, eye-catching pendants and scintillating bracelets, all of which never fail to delight and add that very special flavour of enduring elegance to any occasion. 'Selene' Australian Diamond Solitaire Ring in 18ct Gold (TW=2.3CT) You can experience the immediate and lasting pleasure of champagne and cognac diamonds in the very country in which they are mined and from a jeweller proudly Australian born and bred. Australian Diamond Engagement Ring in 18ct Gold (TW=2CT) See for yourself what all the fuss is about. Western Australian Diamond Ring in Sterling Silver (TW=1CT) The mystery of their creation is part of the delight.