Perfect Earrings for your Wedding Day


When it comes to planning a wedding there can be a million details to think about. From the big decisions like the date, venue and the dress, to the many small details like what colour nail polish you’ll wear or if you should seat Aunty Jane next to your death-metal-loving cousin Jimmy. But when it comes to jewellery, let Shiels make it easy for you. If you already have the rings sorted, choosing your accessories should be a walk in the park.

Brides looking to go a bit more traditional might prefer to choose simple pearl or diamond earrings. The beauty of pearl accessories is that they are timeless, elegant and easy to pair with a matching bracelet and necklace. Often the pearl and diamond pieces worn on the big day are family heirlooms passed on to daughters and other family members as beautiful gifts or worn as “something borrowed”.

''Julio' Pearl Stud Earrings in 9ct White Gold 'Flutter' Diamond Drop Earrings in 9ct White Gold (TW=25pt) 'Pearl and Diamond Stud Earrings in 9ct White Gold


Although Gold jewellery with diamonds and pearls will always be an excellent choice for a wedding, for those sticking to a budget and feeling a little bit stressed, there is a fantastic range of truly beautiful sterling silver jewellery that would be truly perfect. 

Celebrity Inspired Cubic Zirconia Teardrop Earrings in Sterling Silver


Drop and chandelier earrings are particularly popular for brides of today. This trend is unsurprising given that these earrings are timeless, elegant designs that often suit most hairstyles and face shapes.  They can also add a bold statement for an ensemble. Some of our favourite earrings include this pair of sterling silver and zirconia earrings which was recently worn by one of the girls at the Shiels Head Office for her own wedding day.

We also love drop earrings that combine sterling silver, cubic zirconia and pearls for a sophisticated yet romantic look which will complement any bridal outfit. 





''GEORGINI Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Drop Earrings 'Sterling Silver Pearl and Cubic Zirconia Drop Earrings Sterling Silver Simulated Pearl Drop Earrings


Jewellery is a fun way to express your style at a wedding and add the perfect touch to what will be a very important outfit at a momentous event. Our beautiful jewellery isn’t just for brides it’s also perfect for the bridal party including the mother-of-the-bride and also the guests. Regardless of your role or the occasion, at Shiels we aim to make our beloved customers feel their most beautiful.

For something truly precious, for a moment that will be captured in time consider a special piece from Shiels, the Home of Forever.