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With its illuminating green tones, the Peridot is often described as the “evening emerald”. As the birthstone for August, this understated gem is often associated with harmony, good fortune, love and contentment. Peridot is also the traditional gift for a 16th wedding anniversary.


This gem’s gentle green colour belies its thrilling origins. Peridot is formed in the most extreme conditions, found in lava, meteorites and deep within Earth’s core. Peridot has even been found travelling through deep space via pallasite meteorites, of which scientist believe contain the very remnants of our solar system’s birth. How’s that for a gem’s origin story?!

While an outer space gem might appeal to many, peridot is most commonly found here on Earth in volcanic rocks known as basalts. The majority of this pretty gemstone is found in lava flows in the United States as well as some deposits in China and Vietnam

Peridot is one of those rare stones that unlike emerald and sapphires come only in the one colour; green with shades varying slightly from lime to a rich olive tone. Unlike a diamond, when it comes to the colour of peridot it is simply a matter of preference not of quality.  Much like aquamarine, Peridot is usually free of inclusions and is one of the few gems that is never treated or enhanced in any way, so you can be sure yours is totally natural.

While you may think olive and lime green tones are hard to match with your outfit you may be surprised at what goes well with these gems. Magenta, yellows, royal blue, black and white are especially flattering and highlight the colour a nd sparkle of peridot perfectly. To shop our range of the evening emerald, head to the peridot section of our website

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