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With all those engaged ladies out there sporting stunning rings on that ever-so-important left hand ring finger, it doesn’t mean the right hand should be left out in the cold.  And here at Shiels, we know just how hot the right hand ring trend is right now.

We’ve noticed more and more women coming into stores asking for stunning diamond and other precious gemstone rings specifically for their right hand. Sometimes it’s to celebrate a birthday, a personal milestone such as completing a degree, getting a much coveted job, or simply to treat themselves. We’ve also noticed husbands and boyfriends buying beautiful rings for their partners that are not necessarily engagement rings but simply a special, thoughtful gift to be worn on the right hand.

Right hand ring, dress ring, cocktail ring, whatever you want to call it what we love most about this ring is that unlike the traditional engagement, the right hand ring is completely free of any tradition, convention or long held expectation on style. This means you can go as loud and proud or as simple and sweet as you like - it’s up to you and your individual style.

Styles that have been popular lately have been big, bold and full of sparkling diamonds but in a style so far away from the engagement ring it could never be mistaken for anything other than a beautiful statement piece. We love these wide band rings full of detail and glittering diamonds. We’ve noticed a wider trend of rings with a splash of different gold tones such as yellow and rose  paired with white to add a bit of contrast and interest. 

'Flawless Cut Diamond Cocktail Ring in 9ct White Gold (TW=65pt)

'Ella Rose' Diamond Ring in 9ct White and Rose Gold (TW=75pt) ''Snowfall' Diamond Ring in 18ct White Gold (TW=70pt)

Or, if you’re more of a colours girl and looking for something really special we love gorgeous, vibrant tanzanite. What really sets tanzanite is that this stone is not only visually stunning but also 1000 times rarer than diamonds. Indigo blue not your style? Try our beautiful, one of a kind rubellite and diamond ring, truly a statement piece! Or if you’re after something a bit more subtle, rose gold paired with the blush tones of morganite is a beautiful choice for your right hand.

'Natural Tanzanite and Diamond Ring in 9ct White Gold

''Tyrion' Rubellite and Diamond Engagement Ring in 18ct Gold ''Morganite and Diamond Ring in 9ct Rose Gold

When it comes to that right hand, you don’t have to wait for Mr Right or even a special occasion to make the excuse to give yourself something beautiful. Treat yourself to that special ring you’ve had your eye on today – we know that you’re totally worth it. Here’s a few of our favourite picks for the right hand:

'Australian Diamonds Ring in Sterling Silver (TW=1CT)

''Flawless Cut Diamond Ring in 9ct Rose Gold (TW=1CT) ''Morganite and Diamond Ring in 9ct Rose Gold