Where will technology take jewellery in the future? Motion-tracked thumb rings, UV light sensitivy monitors and GPS-tracked engagement rings!

Wearable technological jewellery has long been the domain of the health conscious; predominantly wrist and arms bands which let you know how many steps you take, show your heart rate and will even analyse your sleeping patterns. All of which look more at home on those pumping iron at the gym than for wearing at the office or an evening out. We’ve also seen the advent of the extra clever Apple watch which takes the humble watch to new functional (though perhaps not stylish) heights.

The problem with these very practical and useful pieces of wearable technology is the style – or lack thereof! Luckily, we’re seeing a lot of new, sophisticated technology being hidden away in pieces of jewellery that are sleek, modern and attractive.

One of the few standouts in the crowd is the Fin; a Bluetooth-enabled thumb ring which detects and tracks the gestures and touches you make with your hand. What makes this particular piece of tech special is that this ring can connect with a number of different devices (eg. Smart phone, television, car) and then can be programmed to dial numbers, text, take notes, change TV channels and more. Its clever technology, multi-functionality and compact design have also seen it become a useful tool to assist the visually impaired in our highly visual world. Our hat goes off to the folks at Fin!

Fin; a Bluetooth-enabled thumb ring which detects and tracks the gestures and touches you make with your hand

Another piece of incredibly smart jewellery is June by Neatmo. A sleek-look bracelet, it is designed especially for those very conscious of sun damage and measures just how much UV light you are exposed to. This crafty bracelet then sends this information, along with what the UV index is and tells you when and what type of sunscreen you should be applying and when to get back in the shade. Takes the old adage of “slip, slop, slap” to a whole new level

June by Neatmo; a sleek-looking bracelet that measures how much UV light you are exposed to

And lastly, it’s the piece of technology that has had the whole industry in a lather; the engagement ring with GPS. The original idea for the ring is perfectly benign and much like the “Find my phone” capabilities of the iPhone. The ring was designed to be found it if it were ever lost or stolen by simply checking your phone or computer for its GPS location. However, the controversy is that the ring would be used for more nefarious purposes – keeping tabs on your partner!

GPS being built-in to engagement rings in the event they are lost or stolen

At Shiels, when it comes to clever jewellery we must admit to being partial to the classic watch with style, sophistication and with a bit of technology on the side.  Our range of Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite watches are state-of-the-art with our CC2006-53E model boasting a 7 year power reserve, perpetual calendar and satellite-synchronised – the fastest signal reception speed on the planet! And stylish to boot!

'Citizen Eco Drive CC2006-53E Satellite Wave GPS Gents Watch

But if you’re not into your jewellery being too smart for its own good, we totally get you! Nothing wrong with a ring or bracelet that looks gorgeous but doesn’t let you know when you’ve received a text message! To shop our range of beautiful jewellery, head to our online shop.