She said “yes” to the perfect proposal

We all have our own idea of what the perfect proposal involves shaped by our individual taste. Your proposal is one of the pivotal moments of a couple’s life and so you want to make it very special. perfect-proposal-shiels-jewellersAlthough it is a moment of intense nervous tension with one’s hopes and future expectations riding on the response, all you need do to ensure the outcome you dream of is to follow the magic triangle of

  • Ring
  • Time
  • Place

magic-triangle-shiels-jewellers   They create the perfect three points of any proposal and virtually guarantee a happy outcome. Everything that matters is a  variation on these three.  No need for panic. No need to complicate it.  Focus on these basics and everything will be fine. The Ring Be aware of your partners subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) hints that may have been dropped as to what diamond or gem is desired and follow this up through your own sensible research into the ring preference The ring choice is the apex of the triangle. Get this right and you are on the way to happiness. (For some great ideas on ring choices check out Getting Engaged 1: A guide to the most important ring of your life.). The Time Timing the proposal is also important. You don’t want the clutter of other demands intruding on this moment or interrupting the magic. Orchestrating the moment for maximum impact is a crucial element in the alchemy of the perfect proposal. Set aside time for this most important of milestones whether it be a day, a weekend or longer. It is a moment in time that will resonate for your whole life and you will talk about it for years to come. The Place It may be a totally private affair returning to the exact place you first dated or kissed or had the courage to say “I love you”. It may be an intimate setting at a fine-dining restaurant or more public with close friends. Some might thrill to a proposal banner displayed on an overpass or a plane trailing your proposal across a blue sky. Whatever the blend of time and place, the personality of the recipient determines all. Sensitize yourself to what the person you want to spend the rest of your life with envisages as the ideal proposal and make it come true. One word will do it. “Yes!”