There are few more cherished gifts of jewellery than a heart locket. Perhaps this is so because it is doubly significant and meaningful. The locket symbolizes a commitment and fidelity rarely equalled by any gift; for it is an unmistakable statement of enduring love, two hearts united as one, locked and protected as one, Each lover has the only key to the other’s heart. The heart shape of the locket echoes this love and in so doing, strengthens it. The heart has been an enduring image of love since the Middle Ages with both spiritual and romantic meaning. Valentine’s Day would be empty without the image of the lover’s heart. Shiels has left no stone unturned to unearth the most gifted craftspeople to make these iconic symbols of love to achieve the perfect padlock heart bracelet. Here is just a sample of some of the padlock bracelets that can be found at Shiels. Padlock Double Link Bracelet in 9ct Yellow Gold 19cm   Garnet Padlock Belcher Bracelet in 9ct Yellow Gold-Filled Padlock 20cm Bracelet in 9ct Gold-filled Every heart padlock has a safety chain attached as extra protection and reassurance. Shiels and heart padlock lockets: If its love you want to show, we have you covered. It’s what we do here at Shiels