Gold and Stud Earrings | AUSTRALIAN DIAMOND

Australia Diamonds are available in rings earrings and pendants. With an Australia Diamond Engagement ring the diamond steals the show — because it is the show. A ring set with an Australian Diamond creates a pure and striking look, an unmistakable symbol that the woman wearing it is spoken for and believes in being in the height of fashion. The single diamond may sit atop a plain or ornately designed ring mixed with white diamonds, but the Australian Diamond always stands alone. All styles of Australia Diamonds, dazzle especially when sounded by white diamonds. At Shiels we carry the largest range of Australian diamonds in the country. We have the dark cognacs down to the light champagne colours each and every stone is a work of art. Shop online for Australia Diamond jewellery at Shiels and have your order delivered to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia or worldwide.
Set Ascending Direction
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  • Australian Diamond Flower Stud Earrings in 9ct Gold (TW=1CT)
    was $1,999.00