A diamond ring has been the choice engagement ring for the past hundred years and perhaps even long before that. A diamond is renowned for expressing one’s true love and commitment. The refractive index and scintillation which are diamond exhibits makes it the King of gemstones. A diamond is forever at Shiels we have been around since 1948 and we have seen beautiful diamond rings handed down 3 generations. Some people say that you never really own a diamond ring you are just the custodian wearing it just long enough to be in a position to hand it down to a loved one. Over 75% of all engagement rings sold each year are diamond.
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  • Australian Diamond Ring in Sterling Silver (TW=1CT)
    was $999.00
  • Australian Diamonds Ring in Sterling Silver (TW=1CT)
    was $999.00
  • Australian Diamond Slider Bracelet in Sterling Silver (TW=1CT)
    was $799.00