Ladies and Silver | DIAMOND BRACELETS

Diamond bracelets and bangles are the ideal gift for a birthday anniversary graduation or promotion. One Never forgets the day or the occasion that a diamond bracelet or bangle has been purchased whether you have purchased it for yourself or been given it as a gift. Each time your hand moves you see the scintillation and the brilliance of the diamonds, one never tires of seeing a diamond bracelet on one’s wrist. Many people have adopted the custom of wearing several diamond bangles on one wrist, it’s a spectacular look and made very affordable when shopping at Shiels. Remember we can deliver anywhere in Australia within a couple of days.
Set Ascending Direction
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  • Sterling Silver Diamond 20cm Bracelet
    was $199.00
  • Sterling Silver Diamond Belcher Puff Heart Padlock Bracelet
  • Sterling Silver Diamond 19cm Bracelet (TW=50pt)
  • Hot Diamonds Flourish Sterling Silver Bracelet image-a
    Hot Diamonds Flourish Sterling Silver Bracelet
  • Sterling Silver Diamond Hinged Bangle (TW=25pt)
    was $599.00
  • Diamond Love Bracelet in Sterling Silver (TW=1pt)
  • Australian Diamond Slider Bracelet in Sterling Silver (TW=1CT)
    was $799.00
  • Diamonds Bracelet in Sterling Silver (TW=5pt)
    was $299.00
  • Diamond set Sterling Silver Bracelet (TW=50pt)
  • Sterling Silver Diamond Cuff Bangle (TW=10pt)
    was $299.00
  • Sterling Silver Diamond Tennis Bracelet (TW=1CT)