Extra Large and White Case | GIFTS UNDER $250

Imagine getting a great diamond gift for under $250 at Shiels we make this possible and more than that the gift will have the perceived value far in excess of $250. Nothing beats the feeling that the person you love will get when he or she opens the box and finds a beautiful piece of a valuable jewellery. Browse online for that piece of jewellery at Shiels.
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  • Casio BA110-7A1 Baby-G Ladies Watch
    RRP $249.00
  • Casio BGA151-7B Baby-G Ladies Watch
    RRP $269.00
  • Casio BA112-7A Baby-G Watch
    RRP $249.00
  • Casio BGA169R-7C Baby-G Watch
    RRP $179.00
  • Casio BG169R-7D Baby-G Ladies Watch
    RRP $179.00