Hoop Earrings and Promotion | GIFTS UNDER $250

Imagine getting a great diamond gift for under $250 at Shiels we make this possible and more than that the gift will have the perceived value far in excess of $250. Nothing beats the feeling that the person you love will get when he or she opens the box and finds a beautiful piece of a valuable jewellery. Browse online for that piece of jewellery at Shiels.
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  • 'Louise' Hoop Twist Earrings in 9ct Three Tone Gold
    was $199.00
  • 'Julianna' 9ct Two Tone Gold Double Hoop Earrings
    was $139.00
  • Freshwater Pearl Fancy 9ct Yellow Gold Earrings
    was $229.00
  • 9ct Yellow Gold Crystal Earrings with Silver Spinner
    was $165.00
  • Knife Edge Diamond Cut 20mm Hoop Earrings in 9ct White Gold
    was $149.00
  • 9ct Yellow Gold-filled Stardust Hoop Earrings
    was $169.00
  • Sterling Silver Black Diamond Hoop Earrings (TW=20pt)
    was $199.00
  • 'Estella' 9ct Three-Tone Lattice 16mm Hoop Earrings
    was $199.00
  • 9ct Rose Gold Hoop Wide Earrings
    was $249.00
  • 9ct White Gold-filled Half Round Crystal Hoop Earrings
    was $149.00
  • Fancy Diamond Cut Hoop Earrings in 9ct Two Tone Gold
    was $249.00
  • Oval Hoop Earrings in 9ct Two-Tone Gold
    was $199.00
  • Cubic Zirconia All Way Round Hoop Earrings in 9ct Gold
    was $189.00
  • Cubic Zirconia Hoops in 9ct Yellow Gold
    was $349.00
  • Cubic Zirconia Side By Side Hoop Earrings in 9ct Gold
    was $199.00
  • 'Karma' 9ct Two Tone Gold Oval Hoop Earrings
    was $120.00