Gold filled, Promotion and Yellow and White | BRACELETS

Bracelets are the easy to wear fashion accessory very few women if any grow up without wearing a bangle or a bracelet, in fact most women are known to own multiple bracelets and bangles. They are the ideal gift and very easy to choose. Take the time to browse through our huge collection of bracelets range from bracelets set with gems diamonds or just plain silver or gold we have something for everyone. Shop online for gold Bracelets collection at Shiels.
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  • 9ct Two Tone Gold-filled Diamond Cut Bangle
    was $299.00
  • 9ct Two Tone Gold-filled Bolt Ring Bracelet
    was $799.00
  • 9ct Two-tone Gold-filled Diamond Cut 65mm Bangle
    was $299.00
  • 9ct Two Tone Gold-filled Curb 19cm Bracelet
    was $599.00
  • 9ct Gold-filled Double Curb Bolt Ring 19cm Bracelet
    was $499.00
  • 9ct Gold-filled Diamond Cut Two-Tone 65mm Golf Bangle
    was $249.00
  • 9ct Gold-filled Crossover 19cm Bracelet with Silver Back
    was $199.00
  • 9ct Gold-filled Two-tone 19cm Padlock Bracelet
    was $349.00
  • 9ct Two-Tone Gold-filled Bolt Ring Mesh 19cm Bracelet
    was $899.00