Gold filled and Yellow and White | PENDANTS

Pendants come in such variety and sizes that they are difficult to describe. Pendants are the most classical of all pieces of jewellery, some of the earliest archaeological digs have revealed pendants in their yield, so you can see that women have been enamoured by pendants and necklaces for thousands of years. Shop online for gold Pendants collection at Shiels.
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  • 9ct Two Tone Gold-filled Infinity Heart Locket
    was $149.00
  • 9ct Two Tone Gold-filled Dolphin Pendant
    was $59.99
  • 9ct Gold-filled Crucifix Pendant
    was $49.99
  • 9ct Gold-filled Fancy Diamond Cut Cross Pendant
    was $29.00
  • 9ct Two Tone Gold-filled Plain Cross Pendant
    was $49.00
  • Crucifix Pendant in 9ct Two Tone Gold-filled
    was $49.00
  • 9ct Gold-filled Love Heart Pendant
    was $119.00