Mother’s Day and You

Remember the last time you felt totally protected?

Childhood memories of feeling secure, of scraped knees, band-aids and a hug that would fix everything?

Who prepared your favourite meals. Who was the most proud when you achieved something, anything, won a race, achieved a goal?

Who was there for you no matter what? Who listened?

And how to ever repay?

Your mother deserves to be loved and appreciated every day of the year, of course, but on one special day, a day that celebrates all mothers, take the opportunity to more fully express your feelings.

Celebrations honouring motherhood date back to ancient times, but Mother’s Day as we know it is barely a century old and is traditionally celebrated on the second Sunday in May, this year the 11th. Note it in your diary now.

Ask your mother what she would like for Mother’s Day and she will likely reply, “Nothing, dear” or tell you that she would just love to see you or hear from you.

But you know better.

Flowers are the safe standby. Chrysanthemums are the Australian tradition as they are in season and end in “mum”.

Breakfast in bed, if possible, but it must be a better breakfast than she would have made, and you do the washing up.

Decadent chocolates and a fancy lunch somewhere special will be welcomed, or make it something more personal and permanent such as clothing accessories or fine jewellery.

The secret is to give her a gift you know she will love but would never dream of buying for herself.

An elegant pendant, a necklace, bracelet or the perfect pair of earrings. If in doubt about styles, ask an expert, either at home or in the store.

Even though, most of all, your mother wants your company, the sound of your voice, your love and to know that you and yours are well.

That’s the nature of mothers.

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