Ladies and White Band | SALE

Shiels Jewellers online store, now is the time to shop for promise rings or solid gold chain, maybe yellow or rose gold earrings or diamond engagement rings. What makes you special; is it diamond earrings, amazing white gold engagement rings or special gold jewellery?
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  • Casio BGA210-7B3DR Baby-G Ladies Watch
    RRP $269.00
  • Casio BGA151-7B Baby-G Ladies Watch
    RRP $269.00
  • Casio BA112-7A Baby-G Watch
    RRP $249.00
  • Q&Q SmileSolar RP00J001Y Watch
    RRP $59.99
  • Casio BG6903-7 Baby-G Ladies Watch
    RRP $199.00
  • Casio BGA169R-7C Baby-G Watch
    RRP $179.00
  • ECC Imitation Chronograph Stone Set Ladies Watch
    RRP $99.95
  • Q&Q SmileSolar RP00J016Y Watch
    RRP $59.99