Valentine’s Day

We are not exactly sure who St Valentine even was. Popular myth traces him back to Valentinus, a romantic Roman persecuted for performing marriage ceremonies for centurions forbidden to wed while in active service in case it distracted them from all that conquering. There are several contenders who all died for love. No need to go that far, but do make some effort.
Until a few short decades ago Valentine’s Day was a largely secret affair. If you received a card on the day expressing undying or even slight affection, it was unsigned from an anonymous admirer. It was then up you to you to figure out who it may be from and decide whether or not to take the risk of finding out. Embarrassing if you got it wrong. Rewarding if you followed your heart.
In these days of transparency Valentine’s Day has evolved into a more open expression of love for the one who already knows how you feel. Or who should. It’s now a reminder, a romantic reassurance.
Hearts are trumps, and the timelessly potent symbol of the heart-shape currently adorns an enticing range of jewellery pieces, from bling and bracelets to bangles, baubles and bright shiny beads.
Valentine’s Day is on Saturday 14 of February and approaches swiftly. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

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