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Buying a watch for yourself or a loved one is the best choice you can make. There are so many different styles, features and popular brands such as: Seiko, Jag, DKNY, Pulsar, Fossil, Guess, ECC and more. For those of you who live an active lifestyle, buying a sports watch like the Citizen Eco-Drive Gents Sports Watch or the Seiko Sport Automatic Watch would be an excellent choice. When looking for one of these watches online, you will be spoiled for choice. Luxury brands and styles are perfect for the self-declared watch connoisseur. People that adore complicated and handcrafted designs, made from superior quality materials and precious gems will love the Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave Air Watch or the Seiko Coutura Kinetic Perpetual Gents Watch. If instead you are looking for a timepiece that doubles as an exquisite piece of jewellery, then it is hard to beat a diamond watch such as the ECC Ladies Diamond Watch or any DKNY womens' watch. Or, if you are just after a simple watch for everyday use, then a quartz watch is perfect. You will find plenty of watches in any of these styles on the Shiels Jewellers website. If you live in Australia and are looking to buy a watch and jewellery, you can do that by ordering one online. Ensure that you buy from genuine and authorised sellers like Shiels Jewellers. We offer a wide selection of fashionable watches that will suit all your needs.
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  • Seiko SNZE19K 5 Sports Automatic Gents Watch
  • Pulsar PT3165X Gents Chronograph Watch
    RRP $189.00
  • Pulsar PZ5013X Chronograph Solar Gents Watch
    RRP $399.00
  • Seiko SRP777K Prospex Automatic Divers Gents Watch
    RRP $699.00
  • Seiko SRP639K Prospex Divers Gents Watch image-a
    Seiko SRP639K Prospex Diver's Gents Watch
  • Seiko SNE107P-2 Solar Divers Gents Watch
    RRP $525.00
  • Lorus R2383HX-9 Digital Watch image-a
    Lorus R2383HX-9 Digital Watch
  • Lorus R2379HX-9 Digital Watch image-a
    Lorus R2379HX-9 Digital Watch
  • Pulsar PQ2027X Digital World Time Watch
  • Lorus RRX07EX-9 Gents Watch image-a
    Lorus RRX07EX-9 Gents Watch
  • Lorus RXN51BX-8 Gents Watch image-a
    Lorus RXN51BX-8 Gents Watch
  • Seiko SNAF60P Velatura Alarm Gents Watch
  • Lorus R2327CX-9 Digital Gents Watch image-a
    Lorus R2327CX-9 Digital Gents Watch
  • Pulsar PXHA13X Gents WR100 Watch image-a
    Pulsar PXHA13X Gents WR100 Watch
    RRP $180.00
  • Pulsar PV4003X Black Digital Gents Watch image-a
    Pulsar PV4003X Black Digital Gents Watch
  • Pulsar PV4010X Digital Gents Watch image-a
    Pulsar PV4010X Digital Gents Watch
  • Lorus R2305EX-9 Digital Watch image-a
    Lorus R2305EX-9 Digital Watch
  • Pulsar PQ2013X Digital Gents Watch
    RRP $225.00
  • Lorus RXN61AX-9 Gents Watch image-a
    Lorus RXN61AX-9 Gents Watch
  • Lorus R2317KX-9 Digital Watch image-a
    Lorus R2317KX-9 Digital Watch
  • Lorus R2381HX-9 Digital Watch image-a
    Lorus R2381HX-9 Digital Watch
  • Lorus R2332JX-9 Digital Gents Watch image-a
    Lorus R2332JX-9 Digital Gents Watch
  • Pulsar PU2025X WR100M Gents Chronograph
  • Lorus RRX51CX-9 Watch image-a
    Lorus RRX51CX-9 Watch
  • Lorus R2351AX-9 Digital Watch image-a
    Lorus R2351AX-9 Digital Watch
  • Lorus RRX41CX-9 Watch image-a
    Lorus RRX41CX-9 Watch
  • Lorus RXD67AX-9 Gents Watch image-a
    Lorus RXD67AX-9 Gents Watch
  • Lorus R2361AX-9 Digital Watch
  • Lorus R2393CX-9 Digital Multi-Timer Watch
  • Lorus RRX11DX-9 Watch image-a
    Lorus RRX11DX-9 Watch