Hardlex, Black Dial and Quartz | SEIKO

Seiko watches have kept the world on time since 1881. One of the most recognized watch brands worldwide, Seiko sets the standard for Japanese watch quality and accuracy. Seiko invented the accurate quartz movement and has continued innovating ever since. Put a Seiko watch on your wrist, and never worry about time again. Shiels is an authorised Seiko dealer and offers free delivery on orders $99 and over.
Set Ascending Direction
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  • Seiko SKS545P Gents Watch
    RRP $425.00
  • Seiko SUR215P Gents Watch
    RRP $325.00
  • Seiko SUR209P Gents Watch
    RRP $350.00
  • Seiko SNAF47P Chronograph Gents Watch
    RRP $550.00
  • Seiko SNDG57P-2 Gents Watch image-a
    Seiko SNDG57P-2 Gents Watch
    RRP $475.00
  • Seiko SNAE57P Coutura Gents Chronograph Watch
  • Seiko SNDD73P Gents Watch
    RRP $525.00
  • Seiko SNDG61P Gents Watch
    RRP $495.00
  • Seiko SNQ045P Perpetual Calendar Gents Watch
  • Seiko SNAA02P9 Alarm Gents Chronograph Watch  image-a
    Seiko SNAA02P9 Alarm Gents Chronograph Watch
    RRP $675.00
  • Seiko SNAE14P Gents Watch image-a
    Seiko SNAE14P Gents Watch
    RRP $625.00