Amethyst Pendants
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Amethyst Pendants

The perfect amethyst pendant awaits you at Shiels Jewellers. Mysterious and polished amethysts dangling from delicate chains are exquisite pieces that will look flawless on your skin.

Perfect for pairing with a leather, gold or silver watch, you can create an on-trend yet elegant look when you wear one of these pendants on long or short chains depending on the occasion. This precious stone is widely used for engagement rings and to own one is truly an investment in quality and style.

Deep dark purple amethyst pendants are as mysterious as the owner gracing a special occasion at night. Choose among sterling silver chains with different designs and lengths or a vibrant chain in 9 carat yellow or rose gold. This gem is also set in different designs from simple pendants to various combinations of amethysts and other stones like white and purple cubic zirconia. Opulence in every angle, an amethyst pendant will never let you down.

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