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Traditionally worn throughout the Middle East and Asia to adorn the ankles of both women and men, anklets are the subtlest detail to consider when putting together a stunning outfit.

Featuring a wide array of designs, these anklets include 9 carat yellow gold that includes zirconia, heart-shaped charms, wide chain designs and tassels as well as bells to give you a lovely accessory. These anklets also come in sterling silver, creatively featuring dragonfly, infinity and star pendants, ball designs, crystal rings, rope designs and snake designs.

With so many designs to choose from, you are bound to find something which will suit and compliment any style.

If you find more than one design that suits you, you can easily mix and match these anklets to make a statement. No matter how you want to wear these anklets, you’ll find them durable and well designed. Shop the entire range online and in-store today at Shiels.

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