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Amethyst Jewellery: A focus on February’s Birthstone

Rich in meaning, history & beauty, amethyst is February’s birthstone. Learn more about this purple gemstone & why it’s a perfect way to spoil your loved one.

February is here! The month of love (we see you Valentine’s Day!) and the stunning birthstone - amethyst. As a part of the quartz family, amethyst is highly valued for its stunning purple hues.

Rich in history, meaning and beauty, amethyst is truly perfect for all of you February babies. If you’re looking for the perfect gift or a way to show your love this month, amethyst jewellery is your go-to. Adding a splash of colour into your wardrobe is totally in this season - so don’t be afraid to mix it up!

Read on to learn more about this gorgeous gemstone, and why you should embrace purple this February.

Their meaning and history

Treasured and prized for centuries, amethysts date back all the way to ancient Greece. Roughly translating to “not drunk”, the Greeks believed that amethyst gemstones helped to protect against drunkenness. All the more reason to add them to your jewellery collection we think! It’s also thought that amethyst gemstones symbolise wisdom, promote stability, clear-headedness and positivity.

Did we mention that purple has long been considered a regal colour? Amethysts, with their rich purple, have been gracing the crowns and jewellery of royalty for years, and for good reason. So, with the royal stamp of approval - what’s not to love?

Paired with yellow gold, amethysts make for the perfect statement ring or pendant necklace.

amethyst jewellery australia rings

Colours and characteristics

Found all over the world, amethysts come in a range of stunning shades. You can find purple amethysts that range from a rich, deep plum colour to a more pastel, lavender hue. Amethysts occur as crystals within rocks, and they can often be found in geodes or in clusters. With excellent clarity and no inclusions visible to the naked eye, amethysts are available in a wide variety of carat weights and cuts.

Amethysts are also very durable and perfect for everyday wear. That's why you'll often fine that amethyst gemstone rings are a really popular choice. Keep in mind however, that some care should be taken to protect your amethyst jewellery around rough materials. Don’t be afraid to also give it your gold amethyst ring good polish every now and again to let it truly sparkle!

amethyst jewellery australia yellow gold rings

Buying amethyst jewellery

If you’re shopping for a February birthday girl, you won’t be at a loss for choices when it comes to amethyst jewellery. Amethysts can be set in gold, silver and rose gold and look incredible in every single one.

If you’re after a romantic and soft look, the lighter oval cut lavender amethysts are an especially stunning choice of engagement ring and a unique alternative to the standard diamond ring - which can still be beautifully complemented by a diamond halo. If you like a splash of colour that is still subtle, then a pair of amethyst earrings - we really love the stud earring featuring a halo - set in white gold or sterling silver are the perfect choice, which you can complete with amethyst necklaces if you really want to double up.

When you choose amethyst jewellery, you’re creating a look like no other. Unique, elegant and refined, amethyst gemstones and jewellery will be cherished for a lifetime.

amethyst jewellery australia earrings pendants

Although we love a perfect match, you don’t have to be born in February to wear amethyst jewellery! You can spoil yourself all year round, or someone you love, with Shiels' top notch range of amethyst jewellery. Browse through our range of amethyst jewellery online – you can find out your ring size online - or pop into one of our stores to see how gorgeous they are and get fitted in person. 

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