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Classic Wardrobe Essentials: 10 Jewellery Pieces Every Woman Should Own

When it comes to classic wardrobe essentials, we often think of the little black dress, basic white t shirt, leather jacket and the likes. Building your wardrobe with these staple pieces makes dressing for any occasion easy and effortless. However, no look is complete without some staple jewellery pieces.

Much like your wardrobe staples, there are also jewellery box essentials that every woman needs in her life. Mix and match, dress up or dress down - the right jewellery pieces can change an entire look. Whether you’re a lover of bling or vibing the minimal look, ensuring you own these 10 jewellery pieces is worth the investment.

10 Classic Wardrobe Essentials (In Jewellery Terms)

1. Gold & silver chain

Chains are classic wardrobe essentials purely for their versatility. Dress up a basic outfit, layer upon more chains for a boho twist or wear alone with a simple pendant. A delicate gold or silver chain is simple, which means it is easy to incorporate with any look.

How to style:

While chains can be worn with just about any look, we love the look of a chain peeping through a classic white button down shirt. Pop on a pair of jeans with some ankle boots and finish with a Tan France favourite - a good old french tuck. Although this is a casual, more masculine look, your gold or silver chain will offer an effortless feminine touch.

Classic wardrobe essentials - gold and silver chains

1. Silver Double Curb Chain | 2. Gold Singapore Chain

2. Diamond bracelet

Whether you treat yo’self or trick your significant other to “surprise” you with one, a diamond bracelet is the ultimate classic wardrobe essential. There’s just something about a symmetrical line of diamonds that will forever capture our hearts. It’s simple, sparkly and gorgeous - what’s not to love?

How to style:

As an investment piece that will last a lifetime, a diamond bracelet is perfect for those special occasions. You can also this stunning classic wardrobe essential at amazing prices in our sale items! Wear to a formal event with your little black dress, or spice up your date night look with a slick pencil skirt and some black pumps or pointed toe heels.

Classic wardrobe essentials - diamond bracelets

1. White Gold Diamond Bracelet | 2. Yellow Gold Diamond Bracelet

 3. White Gold Diamond Bracelet

3. Pearls

If you read our recent post about ‘pearls for the modern woman’ you will already know why pearls are a classic wardrobe essential. The epitome of class, elegance and timelessness, pearls will always be in style. Whether it’s a pair of pearl earrings, some pearl necklaces or pearl bracelet - if you don’t own pearls in some form you need to change that.

How to style:

Commonly associated with the grandmothers of the world, pearls are often reserved for very formal events. However, in our modern era these classic wardrobe essentials are making their way into younger, edgier looks. Being a neutral color, pearls will work with all different shades. With the weather cooling down, try pairing some pearl studs with a neutral coloured sweater and a trench coat to create the perfect mix of elegance and street style.

Classic wardrobe essentials - pearl jewellery

1. Pearl Bracelet | 2. Pearl Pendant | 3. Pearl Stud Earrings

4. Gold pendant

Gold pendants recently found the spotlight this past summer season, however they will always be a staple in our eyes. The beauty of a gold pendant is you never need to take it off! Wear it with any outfit, for any occasion - even with your sweatshirt, jeans and trainers, because hey, it’s cute!

How to style:

We love a good white tee and gold pendant combo. Whether this is matched with some boyfriend jeans, tartan pants or a silk skirt - you can never go wrong with this relaxed feminine ensemble.

Classic wardrobe essentials - gold pendant

Yellow Gold St Christopher Pendant

5. Cocktail ring

A bold and beautiful cocktail ring is a staple for any cocktail event. Ever feel like your look is just missing something? Throw on your go-to cocktail ring and that feeling will disappear. Owning one or two rings with colourful precious stones such as emerald, morganite or ruby is a great way to bring a splash of colour to plainer ensembles or bring out a particular colour in a patterned piece.

How to style:

While the obvious is to pair your ring with a cocktail dress, they are also great for dressing up less formal occasions such as dinner dates or nights out with the girls. Elevate your pair of black skinny jeans and nice top with a sparkling cocktail ring that says “I’m extra” in all the right ways.

Classic wardrobe essentials - cocktail ring

1. Ruby + Diamond Ring | 2.  Rose Gold Morganite Ring | 3. Silver Diamond Ring

6. Gold bangle

The ideal piece for those ‘I don’t want to wear jewellery’ kind of moods. The gold bangle is an effortless, simple and easy-to-wear piece that every woman needs in her wardrobe. Available in a host of different styles, you could go for simple and minimal, or something with a bit more detail and character.

How to style:

Versatile, elegant and timeless, the gold bangle can easily be paired with any look (much like most of these pieces). To mix up your gold bangle, try playing with the stacking and layering trend and layer your bangle over a watch or more bangles.

Classic wardrobe essentials - gold bangles

1. Yellow Gold Magnificent Bangle | 2. Yellow Gold Solid Bangle

3. Yellow Gold Twist Bangle | 4. Yellow Gold Plain Bangle

7. Silver stacking rings

Stacking rings have grown increasingly popular over recent years. Play around with different gemstones, diamonds and styles. These silver rings are great worn on their own as a pretty accent and equally stunning when stacked and layered for an edgier impact. Plus, you’ll never get tired of adding new rings to your collection.

How to style:

We love the look of a few stacking rings with everyday wear. We’re talking about the casual jeans and a t-shirt look. Sporting some pretty rings with this casual ensemble will elevate your look and help you feel more put together on a day to day basis - which we all want, right?

Classic wardrobe essentials - silver stacking rings

1. White Gold Beaded Stackable Ring | 2. Rhodium Cubic Zirconia Twist Ring

3. Silver Leaf Branch Ring | 4. Silver Heart Zirconia Ring | 5. Silver Arrow Ring

6. Silver Turquoise Ring

8. Diamond studs

Another piece we’d love from our significant other, diamond studs are the epitome of understated elegance. Refined, sophisticated and classic, a pair of diamond stud earrings will never go unworn.

How to style:

While diamond jewellery is commonly reserved for special occasions, unsubtle bling is quickly making its way into everyday wear. Try softening an edgy leather jacket look with a pair of diamond studs for the perfect blend of feminine and sass.

Classic wardrobe essentials - diamond stud earrings

1. White Gold Diamond Stud Earrings | 2. White Gold Diamond Stud Earrings

9. Leather band watch

A leather band watch is the perfect way around no-jewellery accessorising. If you’re a girl who is all about practicality and minimal accessorising, you need a leather band watch. Besides keeping you punctual, you will feel like you’ve accessorised without going overboard and still keeping your overall look simple and effortless.

How to style:

Pair this masculine-inspired watch with some boyfriend jeans (another classic wardrobe essential) for more casual occasions. Alternatively, we love a good checked blazer with a leather band watch peeping out of cuffed sleeves.

Classic wardrobe essentials - leather band watch

1. Pulsar Watch | 2. JAG Watch

10. Gold hoop earrings

We’ve saved the best for last - if you’re a frequent reader of our blogs you’d know how much we love a pair of gold hoops. They just go with everything! And they are a wardrobe staple that will always work. Not only are they our favourite, but they are making a big comeback as go-to statement earrings this coming winter.

How to style:

Jeans and a tee? Add some gold hoops. Pretty wrap dress for an elegant cocktail night? Add some gold hoops. Button down shirt and black pants for the office? Add some gold hoops. I think you get where we are going with this - basically hoops are the perfect accessory with any wardrobe staple. Of course, be wise with the size of the hoop for various occasions, but nonetheless; when in doubt some gold hoops will always be a big yas (queen) from us.

Classic wardrobe essentials - gold hoop earrings

1. Yellow Gold Gypsy Hoop Earrings | 2. Yellow Gold Twist Hoop Earrings

3. Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings

The beauty of these essential jewellery pieces is they can each be worn with each other. Have fun mixing and matching your classic wardrobe essentials with these jewellery staples and always feel put together, no matter the occasion. If you’re missing some of these staples from your wardrobe, then shop jewellery online with Shiels and complete your jewellery collection today.

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