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A Guide To Friendship Jewellery

No bond runs deeper than the one shared between two best friends. Your best friend is the person that is cheering you on during the good times and cheering you up during the bad times. Not only do best friends take on the role of your biggest support system but they are also your therapist, stylist, chauffeur, travel companion, relationship counsellor, and even your life coach. 

A bond this deep deserves to be honoured in a very special way, like with friendship jewellery. The ultimate show of bond that you share with your best friend, there are plenty of ways to pay tribute to your best pal through jewellery. Whether it be with the classic ‘best friend’ necklaces, or via a more contemporary approach with matching rings

No matter what you and your best friend’s style is, Shiels has got you covered with the perfect pieces to commemorate the unbreakable bond the pair of you share. Celebrate the international day of friendship by checking out our comprehensive guide to friendship jewellery and how you can twin with your best pal. 

Shiels guide to friendship jewellery

Friendship Jewellery Overview:

Breakable Best Friend Necklaces 

Breaking in half at the middle, breakable ‘best friend’ necklaces are a playful way to honour you and your friend’s relationship. They keep one half while you keep the other and when you’re together everything clicks into place. It’s the perfect metaphor for how you feel when you and your best friend are reunited again. Dainty and somewhat understated, ‘best friend’ necklaces are perfect for layering with other pendants and chains in your collection. However, they also look fabulous when sitting effortlessly on your decolletage on their own.

Friendship Bracelets

Adjustable friendship bracelets are the perfect pieces for every day. Coming in an array of styles and colours including gold, silver or rose gold, these bracelets can be layered with multiple bracelets and bangles or worn individually. You and your best friend can even bring a more personal touch to the bracelet by adding a selection of charms, or by having one of the adornments on the bracelet engraved with you and your best friend’s initials. 

Personalised Pendants

Matching personalised pendants will not only let the world know that the bond you and your best friend have is tight, but it will also allow the pair of you to express your individuality. Keep it simple with matching initial pendants, add a pop of colour by rocking pendants adorned with gemstone jewellery, or get creative and find a pendant that you can have engraved with one of your favourite quotes or the phrase 'best friends forever.'   

Locket Necklaces

For centuries, locket necklaces have been a way for people to keep their loved ones close to their hearts, especially your best friend. Adding a fair bit of charm to your look, a timeless locket adorned with a picture with you and your best friend inside will elevate just about any look. Wear it on its own with a simple blouse or layer it with some of the chains in your collection. Intricately detailed locket necklaces even can be engraved with personal messages or a favourite quote. 

Charm Bracelets

Another fun way to show off your close bond is with charm bracelets. Mix and match charms to make the charm bracelet your own and use them to commemorate the special moments in life that your best friend is by your side for, such as milestone birthdays, weddings, graduations, work promotions, a memorable holiday that you took together or even the birth of a baby. It’s the perfect reminder that no matter what happens in life, your best friend will always be by your side cheering you on. 

Infinity Jewellery

Pieces adorned with the infinity symbol are another apt choice for friendship jewellery. An infinity symbol implies that something will last forever. It is for this reason that many will put infinity bands on their wedding rings and eternity rings to signify that their love will never end, while others will use it to highlight that their faith in God is eternal. So what better way to showcase the bond between you and your BFF (best friend forever) than with infinity jewellery. Keep it simple with an infinity ring, experiment with jewellery layering by investing in an infinity pendant or go daring with a pair of drop earrings adorned with infinity symbols. 

Matching Rings 

Rings are a more subtle way to match with your best mate and with so many different ring styles to pick from, it’s also an incredibly versatile choice. Go timeless with an elegant heart-shaped ring, keep it minimalist with a simple band engraved with phrases like ‘best friends forever’, go edgy with claddagh jewellery or boho with a ring in the style of a branch with leaves. Rock your ring individually or layer and stack with the other rings in your collection. 

Topaz Jewellery

Topaz jewellery has long been associated with friendship and the close bond that two friends share. This makes jewellery accompanied by topaz a fantastic way to highlight the bond that you and your best friend share. With an array of topaz hues to choose from, you and your best pal can keep it simple with a dainty pair of earrings adorned topaz or go bold and make a statement with a brightly coloured blue topaz ring. This jewellery is an even more perfect choice if either of you are born in December as Topaz is the birthstone for that month. 

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