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Which jewellery metal is best for my skin tone?

While we’re all about experimenting with jewellery, it’s undeniable that skin colour and tone can have a massive impact on how a piece of jewellery looks on you.

You might already be doing it unintentionally as you find yourself gravitating towards, say, yellow gold instead of white gold or platinum jewellery, but have you ever stopped to wonder why? Well, it actually has a lot of do with skin colour and skin tone - we’ll explain the differences below - and how the metal presents itself against these factors.

We’ve put together a little guide on what metals look best against skin colour and skin tone. Consider it a bit of colour theory for homework before you pick out your next dazzling piece.

Some basic skin colour matches

Fair skin

Silver is by far the best choice for those blessed with alabaster skin. Silver creates a fresh feel against lighter skin, and is a particularly good choice for those who also have blonde hair. The best thing about silver is that there are so many different and beautiful alternatives like white gold or platinum - and there are no problems with mixing them together as well! Pair white gold bangles with some platinum jewellery with ease.

Yellow gold can look quite harsh against pale skin, but if you do want to try yellow gold to switch it up, opt for a 9ct or 14ct gold (instead of 18ct) to tone it down a bit.

(Pictured L-R: Sterling Silver 12mm Twist Hoop Earrings / Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Star Burst Pendant / 9ct White Gold Rectangular Aquamarine + Diamond Ring)

Olive or Mediterranean

You’ve basically hit the jewellery jackpot here because your medium skin will probably suit all metals. It comes down to preference in the end on which colour metal you choose to wear, and also has a lot to do with outfit choices as well. If you’re dressing up for a girls night out in a bold red dress, you should go for statement gold necklace paired with stacked gold rings - especially in it's summer and you're golden brown from a fresh tan. If you’re dressing down, leave the stacked rings on and maybe go for some silver hoop earrings or a simple white gold pendant instead.

(Pictured L-R: 9ct Yellow Gold Natural Emerald Ring / 9ct Yellow Gold Saint Christopher Pendant /  9ct Yellow Gold Flower Stud Earrings)

Dark Skin

Similar to olive or Mediterranean skin, those with darker skin can count themselves pretty lucky because any jewellery will look quite striking against it. However, finer silver jewellery pieces can get a little lost so look towards gold and rose gold if you’re going for minimal jewellery. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match your metals!

Pictured L-R: Sterling Silver Belcher Plain Link Bracelet / 9ct Rose Gold Pear Morganite & Diamond Pendant / 9ct Yellow Gold Created Emerald Stud Earrings)

Skin tone also plays a part

Apart from skin colour, skin tone can play an incredibly big part in how jewellery looks on your skin as well. Skin tone is best explained as the undertone that comes through your skin. You either have warmer or cooler undertones, which might completely affect how a metal will appear next to your skin. It is after all what differentiates foundation shades, which you might have noticed will slightly change to best combat whatever undertone comes through.

It might be something that you can already see and you’re already naturally gravitating towards one metal over the other. But an easy way of identifying this is looking at the veins in your arms - and similar to foundation, don't forget to check it in natural light.

Warm skin tones

If your veins appear green through your skin, you most likely have a warm skin tone - which can also be identified by the fact that your reaction to the sun results in a deepening in colour rather than burning.

In this case, you will find that yellow gold and copper tones will suit you better. So maybe if you have fairer skin but want to wear something other than silver or gold, opt for simple rose gold bracelets matched with rose gold earrings.

(Pictured L-R: 9ct Rose Gold Diamond Cut Rope Bracelet / 9ct Rose Gold ‘Gigi’ Diamond + Morganite Ring /  9ct Rose Gold Dual Hoop Earring)

Cool Skin Tones

On the other hand, if your veins are more blue or purple, you can consider yourself on the cool undertones end of the spectrum. You often find that your skin will turn red and burn when exposed to the sun. This is again where you’ll find that a pair of white gold earrings or silver rings will compliment you a lot better than its yellow gold counterparts will. If you’re looking to add a little more vibrancy than silver, try a beautiful gemstone.

(Pictured L-R: Sterling Silver Created Turquoise Vintage Drop Earrings / Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Leaf Branch Pendant /  9ct White Gold Amethyst + Cubic Zirconia Ring)  


At the end of the day, this is just a guide on colour theory when it comes to jewellery. And whether you have cool, warm or neutral skin tones, we recommend experimenting with different metals and colours depending on the occasion and outfit. Now that you’ve done your homework, pick our a special piece from our New Arrivals today.

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