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A Look Into Lady Gaga’s Engagement Rings

When it comes to celebrity style, nobody holds a candle to Lady Gaga. Whether she’s turning up in a gown made entirely of meat or an elegant Versace number, the singer-songwriter simply knocks it out of the park every time. She makes every red carpet her own and it's because of this that Lady Gaga is arguably one of the most influential style icons of her time.

Naturally, a diva as fabulous as Gaga has a vast and very impressive jewellery collection that has spawned some seriously iconic red carpet moments, like that time she showed up at the 2019 Oscars with a 128-carat diamond pendant necklace featuring one of the largest yellow diamonds in the world, or when she showed up to the Toronto International Film Festival wearing diamond drop earrings that were reportedly worth millions.  

However, arguably the star's most iconic jewellery is her engagement rings. Like so many celebrities, is a bit of a hopeless romantic and has been engaged more than once. As you would expect, both of Lady Gaga's engagement rings exceeded our expectations and were as enigmatic as the star herself. 

So, get ready to get frosted as we have a look into Lady Gaga’s engagement rings: 

Lady Gaga Engagement Rings Overview:

Taylor Kinney Marriage

Lady Gaga first met actor Taylor Kinney in 2011 on the set of the music video for her song, You And I. The pair quickly hit it off and became one of Hollywood’s biggest power couples, dating for around five years, which is practically a lifetime by Hollywood standards.

A look into lady gaga's engagement ring with taylor kinney

The Proposal

Kinney, who is most known for his role in the TV series Chicago Fire, got down on one knee and proposed to Gaga on Valentines Day in 2015. At the time, an engagement seemed inevitable between the two as they were so smitten with one another at the time. Gaga even gushed that she couldn’t imagine being with anyone else at that moment in time.

The Ring

As you can imagine, someone with an eclectic style like Lady Gaga couldn’t just be proposed to with a simple diamond solitaire ring. Instead, Kinney opted for a diamond that was cut into the shape of a heart, this romantic shape was more than perfect considering the pair got engaged on Valentine's Day. Set into a classic white gold solitaire ring decorated with an assortment of tiny diamonds, the diamond engagement ring’s feature stone is said to weigh a whopping 10-carats.

Now, that’s heavy! Kinney also opted for a more personal touch by opting to have ‘T’ and ‘S’ moulded into the setting, with ‘T’ representing Taylor while the ‘S’ represents Stephanie which is Gaga’s real name. Designed by a prominent New York engagement ring designer, jewellery experts place the value of the ring at around $500,000.


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Christian Carino Marriage

Sadly, Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney went their separate ways a year after becoming engaged. Gaga would then go on to date Christian Carino, a Hollywood talent agent whom she met in 2017 right before her epic Superbowl Halftime performance.

The Proposal

It is not known how or when Carino proposed to Gaga, however, it was confirmed that the pair were gearing up to take the next big step in their relationship after a whirlwind at the end of 2017 when the star was spotted rocking a giant sparkler on that finger.

The Ring 

Lady Gaga’s engagement ring from Christian Carino is different from the ring that was given to her by Taylor Kinney in almost every way. Featuring a bright pink sapphire and several round-cut diamonds surrounding the stone along with a simple gold setting, the ring is almost reminiscent of a flower. Some have even described the ring as a larger version of Princess Diana’s engagement ring given their similar settings and diamond arrangements. Weighing between 6 and 7 carats, diamond experts estimate the value of the rock upwards of $400,000.

Lady Gaga's engagement ring with Christian Carino

Lady Gaga Engagement Ring Replicas

If you’re eager to emulate Gaga’s signature style, check out some of our favourite Shiels pieces that arguably offer the same effect as the star’s engagement rings. 

Although it may not feature a pink sapphire like Lady Gaga’s engagement ring from Christian Carino, this stunning pink morganite and diamond ring certainly brings the glamour. Featuring an elegant 18-carat gold setting, this unique ring is adorned with a large central morganite stone and several tiny diamonds littered throughout, providing a beautiful sparkle to delight your inner diva. 

Featuring a contemporary halo setting, this two ring bridal set features a romantic heart shape like Gaga’s first engagement ring, three centre diamonds and a timeless 9-carat white gold band. With its sweet shape and sparkly accents, this ring is perfect for any true hopeless romantic.

Adorned with a fiery hot pink created sapphire stone, sparkling diamonds and a timeless 9-carat yellow gold setting, this ring is a real conversation piece. With its flirty heart-shaped centre stone, this piece embodies the show-stopping features of both Gaga’s first and second engagement ring.

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