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Mother's Day Gift Ideas: How To Spoil Mum This Year

Look at that, it’s almost May! And you know what that means...Mother’s Day is coming soon! Which means you’ll have to start thinking about the perfect Mother’s Day gift ideas. Although it’s important to love and cherish your beautiful mum every day, sometimes an entire day dedicated to making her feel special can mean the world to her.

Our mums do a lot for us - they scared away bedtime nightmares when we were young, taught us how to be strong even during the tough times and have always been there for a much-needed hug. This year, say thank you to your mum in a thoughtful and caring way with our great Mothers Day gift ideas. Keep reading to see all the different ways you can spoil mum - from diamond bangles to DIY projects and more! You'll find the perfect Mothers Day gift with this comprehensive list. 


Beautiful Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Even the most loving mother may have trouble finding the perfect gift for herself on Mother's Day. Help ease her stress this year with a thoughtful gift from Shiels. 

beautiful mothers day gift ideas at Shiels

Bed In Breakfast & A Bit Of Pampering

Bed in breakfast is an oldie but a goodie when it comes to Mother’s Day presents - plus it’s super easy! All you need to do is prepare her favourite breakfast - whether it’s scrambled eggs and toast, or pancakes - and serve it to her in bed (make sure to let her sleep in though). Don’t forget to include some fruit, freshly squeezed juice, coffee or tea too! If you want to make it a little more personal, you can pick out some fresh flowers and pop them on the breakfast tray in a little vase.

DIY Projects Mum Will Cherish Forever

Do your kids love arts, crafts and everything DIY? They could create something truly personal and unique for mum this Mother’s Day. A sweet card handwritten by your kids is a popular choice, and something mum would keep forever. Paintings and drawings also never go amiss - plus they’re perfect to pin to the fridge so mum can look at them every day! There are so many ideas for DIY projects out there, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your keepsake crafts.

Spoil Her With Something Small She’ll Definitely Love

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make your mum feel loved and adored. Elegant and minimalistic Mothers Day jewellery that she can wear every day or with her favourite casual outfit is definitely the perfect choice - especially if she’s obsessing over a current trend right now! If your mum loves yellow gold jewellery, then a simple pair of gold hoop earrings or an understated gold ring is your go-to. Does she stop and look at silver or white gold jewellery whenever she passes a jewellery store? Spoil her this Mother’s Day sale with a staple necklace, like this diamond pendant or this gold pendant.

Does her old watch need an upgrade? Spoil her with a stunning yet practical women's watch - so that every time she goes to check the time, she’ll be reminded of you. Does she love rose gold watches just as much as we do? We have earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and much more that you can choose from! Giving your mum a wardrobe staple is thoughtful and sweet - it shows that you know her style and want to add a bit of colour or sparkle into her day!

Make It Personal With A Pendant

Pendants are the perfect gift for mum on Mother’s Day! The great thing about pendants is that you can make them completely personalised for your mum. You can choose her favourite women's jewellery metal (gold, silver, white gold or rose gold) and a pendant that means something special to her. Not to mention, you can get pendants engraved with a beautiful message that she will cherish forever!

When it comes to pendants for Mother’s Day, love heart locket necklaces are definitely a popular choice. If you have siblings, a necklace with two or three (or more) love heart pendants would be a very sweet gift for your mum, because the love heart lockets symbolise you and your siblings! If your mum is into simpler jewellery, a single heart pendant or a plain pendant that can be engraved is the perfect choice. Initial pendants are also personal and fabulous, so don’t forget about them either!

Not to mention, you can also get a personalised pendant for mum with our collection of ‘mum’ pendants! With ‘mum’ featured on the pendants already, they’re the perfect gift for Mother’s Day! Every time your mum wears this pendant, she’ll be reminded of you. Mum jewellery is a great option to show her just how much you care.

A Day Spent With Mum

Sometimes, your mum just wants to spend time with you. Brunches are a popular Mother’s Day outing, especially since the special day is on a Sunday. Delicious breakfast, coffee/tea and talking with you - perfect! Our personal favourite involves lots of coffee and plenty of delicious cake.

If your mum isn’t a morning person, then why not do something special for her in the afternoon? You could have a picnic in the park if it’s sunny, organise a home-cooked meal for her, or even take her out for dinner (and dessert of course). Whatever you choose to do, a personalised Mother's Day is sure to make your mum feel cherished and adored.

Spend a day with mum with these Mothers Day gift ideas

Jewellery For The Mum Who Has Everything

If your mum is quite the fashionista, you may be a little lost on how to spoil her with gorgeous jewellery! Don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect gift for her with our Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Pearls, pearls and more pearls! You can never go wrong with pearls - they’re timeless, classic and oh-so chic. Pearls have been adored for centuries and for good reason too. Pearl jewellery is eternal and can be easily incorporated into any modern woman’s outfit. Even if your mum has a fabulous jewellery collection, pearls will make a beautiful addition - especially pearl earrings. Freshwater pearl stud earrings are a classic! Not only are they incredibly easy to wear every day, but they look stunning with formal attire too.

When you think of pearl necklaces, does Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s ensemble come to mind? While pearl strands are absolutely beautiful, they’re not the only pearl necklaces that are around! A simple pearl pendant can effortlessly enhance any look without being too overwhelming. Choose from pearl earrings, drop earrings, bracelets, bangles and more at Shiels! Still not sure about how to spoil your mum with pearls? Check out our blog about pearls for the modern woman - it has all of the on-trend tips you could ever need!

Brooches are totally back in fashion right now, so they’re an accessory you definitely shouldn’t overlook. Brooches can bring class and elegance to any outfit, so they’re perfect to add to her favourite winter coat or to add a pop of colour to a chic blouse.

The Gift Of Glamour

Does your mum love a bit of sparkle and feeling glamorous? Of course, she does! This Mother’s Day, celebrate your wonderfully unique mother with a unique piece of diamond jewellery. At Shiels, you can choose from diamond earrings, necklaces, bangles and much more! If you’re not sure what her favourite style is, stick to something simple and elegant; a diamond ring that you can layer and stack with other rings is the perfect choice for any mum.

Got a mum that loves to dazzle everyone with her collection of arm jewellery? Then diamond bracelets and bangles are perfect! Not to mention, they look amazing when layered with a chic watch. Choose from rose gold, silver, white gold or gold diamond bangles and see how your mum’s eyes will light up this Mother’s Day. Not sure about how to choose the perfect diamonds? We have a diamond buyers guide for that too! While you're here, you may as well check out our Mother's Day watches also.

That’s everything! We hope our Mother’s Day gift ideas have sparked some inspiration or maybe you’ve even started adding our top picks to your basket! This year, create the perfect Mother’s Day for your mum. Your mum gave you the world, so don’t just resort to a gift card or last-minute gifts. Spoil her with a unique gift!

Plus with free shipping when you spend over $69 online, what’s not to love? Shop our entire gorgeous range of Mother’s Day gift ideas. At Shiels, we love celebrating all of the beautiful mothers out there, so spoil her today - she deserves it! Still, stuck for ideas? Check out our Mother's Day gift guide too!

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