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Combine Wireless Earbuds With The New Active Pro

The newest edition of the hugely popular Active Pro watch range comes packed with new features and a stylish round digital display. Whether you’re a fan of the previous Active Pro smart watches, or yet to try one, this newly-released model is worth it. 

The Active Pro Smart Watch with Built-in Bluetooth Earbuds is a workout partner, call and text manager, and now music controller. It’s everything you want in a smart watch and more. 

If you’ve been on the lookout for a new fitness watch or everyday timekeeper, this timepiece is a top option. Find out all about the new features and details below.


New Active Pro, New Look

Keep the all-black look from the most popular Active Pro ‘Call+’ timepiece and enjoy many, many more stylish features. With a completely digital screen, this smart watch can look exactly how you like. Try an analogue look, or something more like the smart watches you know and love. 

Once connected to the app, this watch has even more display options. They can be easily downloaded and set once your phone is paired with the smart watch. There are a lot of options to choose from, with some designed for fitness lovers, and others for casual and easy timekeeping. 

Active Pro Smart Watch with Built-in Bluetooth Earbuds. Graphic with watch and earbuds in dark background.

The watch strap is crafted from black resin, with a comfortable fit and nice detailing for a modern look. The case is also made from resin, which not only provides some trusty durability, but a sleek appearance thanks to its perfectly round shape. This classic watch structure works well if you do end up choosing an analogue screen. This hybrid analogue/digital looks is similar to our Harry Lime or Reflex Active watches.

Of course, one of the biggest differences between this Active Pro and the others is the two slots for the bluetooth earbuds that come with the watch. These wireless earbuds will slot straight into these openings for easy storage. With a small magnetic connection, your music players won’t slip out during exercise or daily activity. 

Active Pro Features

Though it doubles as one of our nicest black watches, this Active Pro with Built-in Airbuds has enough functionality to stay on your wrist all week. With app connectivity, each feature can be 

This is a fantastic fitness watch. The inbuilt heart rate monitor can help you track your daily calories burnt, or your blood pressure - or even your blood oxygen levels. It’s great for the gym or running, and thanks to the soft resin strap, it won’t get uncomfortable. Like any good sports watch, the Active Pro will also track your steps and distance. With the BrandFit app, you can also set goals and daily objectives. 

Active Pro Smart Watch with Built-in Bluetooth Earbuds. List of features.

Keep track of your calls and texts with the message function to stay on top of your weekly to-do list. This upgrade returns from the Active Pro ‘Call+’ model. Along with the weather and calendar features, this function has convenient everyday use. 

This brand new model has been refurbished with two in-built wireless headphones. Once connected to your phone, they’ll play any music from your phone. You can even control your music from the watch, with volume, play, and skip buttons. The earbuds and music control are super convenient additions to the Active Pro that we’re sure will get plenty of use. When you’re done with the headphones, you can slot them back into the watch, and they’ll begin to charge. 



Active Pro Smart Watch with Built-in Bluetooth Earbuds. Smart watch with fitness stats worn on wrist.

Below is a list of the functions and features of the Active Pro PDS-AP-Airbuds-591 Black Smart Watch:

  • Reject Call
  • Music Control
  • TWS 2in1 (True Wireless Stereo)
  • Manual Time/Date Set Option
  • Heart Rate
  • Blood Pressure
  • SP02
  • Fitness Tracker
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Notifications
  • Camera Remote
  • Wrist Sense
  • Non-Disturb Sedentary
  • Find My PhoneWatch Capability
  • Stopwatch
  • Weather

Final Thoughts

The classic Active Pro Call+ watch was a big hit, and this one might be too. The new round case has a great traditional timepiece look, which is a perfect alternative for watch lovers wanting the classic timepiece style. The size and feel of the case is strong, which points to excellent durability and versatility for this Bluetooth fitness watch. 

Active Pro Smart Watch with Built-in Bluetooth Earbuds. Fitness watch with wireless earbuds lying on marble dish.

While you’re running or working out, the wireless earbuds can be easily taken from the case and controlled through the watch. It’s an ideal workout partner, especially with the step counter and heart rate monitor to keep you informed with all the details. The new features are definitely going to get a lot of use. 

Be sure to check out our Active Pro watches guide for some instructions and details about the other smart watches in the line. If you go for this new Active Pro with Built-in Earbuds, we’re sure you’ll love it. 

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