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How Is Rose Gold Different From Yellow Gold?

Rose gold is everywhere - and people have been obsessing over it for years. If you look around, you’ll see rose gold coloured tech, phones, home decor, jewellery and much more. Why? Well, it has something to do with rose gold’s gorgeous soft pink hues. In fact, rose gold was actually named the Pantone Colour of the Year in 2016.

Rose gold is fresh, modern and oh-so chic. It pairs perfectly with any outfit and brings out the subtle blush tones of one’s skin. Why is rose gold so different to the other types of gold and how do you wear it, you ask? That’s what we’re here for! Keep reading to learn about what makes rose gold so unique.

What makes rose gold?

When you buy gold jewellery, it isn’t pure gold. On its own, pure gold used in jewellery is too soft and not durable enough - so instead it’s combined with other metal alloys. That’s why you can find gold jewellery from 24ct, 18ct to 9ct. Basically, the carat of gold is determined by how much gold there is. For example, 22 carat gold implies that 22 parts of the jewellery consists of gold while 2 parts are from other base metals.

To create the traditional yellow gold, gold is mixed in with silver, copper and zinc in varying percentages. White gold, on the other hand, can be a combination of gold, Platinum, Nickel or Zinc (which gives it that white metal colour). To produce the pinkish red color of rose gold, pure gold is mixed in with Copper; the more Copper content present, the darker the colour will be.

There is also a unique benefit with rose gold’s mix of alloys! With no Nickel present, rose gold doesn’t cause any of the allergic reactions that can be found from yellow or rose gold.

How to take care of rose gold jewellery

Rose gold is incredibly durable, more so than white or yellow gold, and very low maintenance. One of the best things about rose gold, is that it doesn’t tarnish. Rose gold jewellery may darken slightly over the years from continual wear, but this is only because of the copper. Instead of looking old and worn, rose gold jewellery that has been cherished and worn for years simply gets an even richer, rosy colour which enhances the vintage feel! Your rose gold jewellery continues to look better with age.

Keeping your rose gold jewellery looking gorgeous is simple:

  • When you’re not wearing your rose gold jewellery, store it safely in your jewellery box. To reduce the risk of any scratching, it’s best to keep your rose gold jewellery in a velvet or satin pouch away from your other jewellery.
  • Avoid any harsh chemicals or cleaning products while wearing your rose gold jewellery. This will stop the metal’s appearance from becoming dull.
  • To give your rose gold jewellery an extra sparkle and clean every so often, simply wipe over it with special jewellery cleaner and cleaning cloth.

Rose gold engagement and wedding rings

With the ever growing popularity of rose gold, more and more brides are turning to it for their wedding ring metals. So which do you choose for a wedding ring? Traditional gold or rose gold? It all depends on personal preference, but rose gold is the perfect choice for so many reasons. The first, of course, is because of rose gold’s natural warmth and femininity. Just imagine a soft pink pop of colour against your stunning wedding dress! Not to mention, with rose gold’s modern and vintage feel, your wedding and engagement rings will be so unique.

rose gold engagement rings

(Rose Gold 14 Carat Diamond Ring | Rose Gold Solitaire RingBlissful Bride Rose Gold Diamond Ring)   

Rose gold also perfectly complements diamonds without looking too overwhelming or over the top. Instead, you have a ring that sits beautifully and gracefully on your finger. Last, but not least, rose gold engagement rings pair perfectly with other metals! You can mix and match any other rings with your rose gold engagement ring, and be rest assured that it will look beautiful. With a rose gold engagement or wedding ring, you’ll be breaking away from tradition and will definitely be a trend setting bride!

How to style rose gold jewellery

With rose gold jewellery, you can look stylish and chic effortlessly. Rose gold looks gorgeous on everyone and on all skin tones. Because of its versatility, rose gold pairs beautifully with a wide variety of gemstones, metals and any outfit. Don’t be afraid to mix and match!


Layering your jewellery is so on trend this year and really easy to pull off. For a contemporary look, pair a simple rose gold chain with a rose gold necklace. The pendant necklace can have a bit of sparkle with diamonds or a gemstone, or can just be a simple love heart.

rose gold necklaces

(Rose Gold Cubic Zirconia Pendant |Rose Gold Cable Link Chain | Rose Gold Diamond Heart Pendant)

Rose gold watches are totally in fashion right now too! Don’t be afraid to layer some rose gold bangles or bracelets with your watch to create a unique look. Rose gold watches are perfect for every season and outfit - they look especially chic with cosy jumpers during the colder months or a blazer during Autumn/Spring.

rose gold watches

(Rose Gold Cubic Zirconia Pendant |Rose Gold Cable Link Chain | Rose Gold Diamond Heart Pendant)

Add a pop of colour

Like we already mentioned, rose gold looks stunning with gemstones. Morganite rose gold rings are an all-time favourite, but don’t forget about ruby or amethyst! These gemstones add a splash of colour into any outfit and really give you a unique look. Rose gold rings with lighter gemstones are subtle and feminine, while darker gemstones give you a dramatic and interesting contrast.

rose gold gemstone rings

(Rose Gold Ruby Diamond Ring | Rose Gold Morganite Diamond Ring|Rose Gold Amethyst Diamond Ring)

Match with nude and neutral colours

Still feeling a bit stuck with how to wear rose gold? For a chic look, pair rose gold jewellery with nude and neutral coloured outfits - it lets the pink hues pop! Plus, with rose gold and neutral colours, you can layer up your jewellery! Pair some rose gold earrings with a rose gold bangle (or a rose gold bracelet) and you’ll light up any room.

rose gold everyday rings

(Rose Gold Cubic Zirconia Flower Studs | Rose Gold Infinity Bangle| Rose Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings)

Whether you’re looking for some unique rose gold jewellery to add to your collection or just some wardrobe staples, you won’t need to look any further with Shiels! Browse our range of rose gold jewellery online and find the perfect accessory for you!

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