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What Is The July Birthstone?

What is the July birthstone? Find out all you need to know right here!

The month of July brings with it a striking birthstone - the ruby! Known as the king of gems, the July birthstone is one that leaves the wearer looking bedazzled, irrespective of the type of jewellery it’s incorporated into. So this month’s focus is on that gorgeous red and the beautiful ruby jewellery that you can wear all year round.

Every girl has swooned over these lustrous gems at some point in her life. Whether it was looking through a shop window, watching royalty on TV or admiring one of Victoria Beckham’s 14 engagement rings; the fascination for cardinal glamour will always reign in the fashion world. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the wondrous ways to incorporate it into your style.

What Is The July Birthstone Overview:

     ★ Significance of the Ruby
     ★ Ways to wear your Rubies
     ★ Savvy Tips For Ruby Shopping


what is the july birthstone

Significance Of Ruby

Legends have it that the ruby protects the wearer, giving them the power of decision-making. For this reason it was most commonly worn by nobles and royals in the middle ages. Even today, across cultures, the ruby is associated with financial decision making and power. Because of its blood-like red colour, it is also believed to bring good health and healing.

Rubies are also considered to be cupid’s gem, recommended to those who are looking for love! This is another reason why ruby engagement rings are so popular amongst modern couples. A striking ruby ring was also worn by Sarah, the Duchess of York, gifted from her charming Prince Andrew.

What is the july birthstone: 9ct Rose Gold Created Ruby + Diamond Ring

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Ways To Wear Your Rubies

The sheer elegance of a ruby gemstone can take your look from a boardroom to a ballroom! Beautiful in appearance and versatile in styling, it will always be an option when it comes to accessorising.

Ruby Pendants

One of the most subtle ways to adorn a ruby is to wear it in a delicate pendant. Some rubies have blue undertones, giving them a deep and radiant appearance, which pairs well with warm-toned metals such as yellow and rose gold. Wear your pendant with solid coloured outfits for a pop of colour or as an accent in patterned looks. Exuding of elegance, these ruby pendants are also the perfect addition to any formal ensemble.

what is the july birthstone: pendant

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Ruby Rings

Because of its brilliant nature, it sits beautifully in a ring. Adorn your fingers in these glimmering red gems and make a statement like no other with ruby rings. While stunning as a single setting, rubies do pair well with other gemstones too. The most classic combination being that of rubies and diamonds, set in a sparkling silver base. The brightness of the white diamonds and sterling silver will make the blood-red stones pop. Of course, it looks equally stunning in other metal colours, including rose gold and yellow gold for anyone after a warmer feel.

what is the july birthstone: Sterling Silver Created Ruby and Zirconia Ring

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Ruby Necklace

There’s nothing like bold ruby necklaces to make a fashion statement. Since time immemorial, rubies used as the focal point of a necklace have given off an aura of magnificence and majestic grace. Taking from that tradition comes the tendency for the red rock to be worn at most red carpet events in the most creative and eye-catching ways. These pieces are heavier with a larger gravitas and best suited for special occasions.

July birthstone in ruby necklace
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Ruby Earrings

Ruby earrings have long been cherished as an elegant jewellery piece, and today’s trends continue to reserve a spotlight for them. Earring styling allows a host of options when it comes to rubies, with various styles, shapes and sizes on offer. If you know anyone with July as their birth month, then you can not go wrong with a pair of subtle ruby studs as a gift. Though simple and delicate, their blood-red colour will shine through making a statement that any loved one will adore. If you’re looking for a bolder option a pair of drop earrings or standout diamond halo studs will surely turn heads.

what is the july birthstone: 9ct Yellow Gold Created Ruby and Diamond Drop Earrings

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Savvy Tips For Ruby Shopping

Like diamonds, you must also consider the 4 C’s when it comes to this birthstone.

  1. Cut — How the stone is cut, and its overall shape and quality. Some cuts allow the stone to appear a little larger than most, so be wise in picking yours!
  2. Colour — Rubies have all types of undertones. While most are usually a cooler, blue undertone, others have a warmer hue and radiance. We suggest picking an undertone that matches your skin tone to really make that ruby pop.
  3. Clarity — No one likes a cloudy stone! Find one that shines like a brilliant diamond.
  4. Carat — The size and weight of the stone factor in here.

If you’re a July born girl, or simply have an eye for the striking red colour, then be sure to check out our extensive ruby jewellery collection online. Now you know what is the July birthstone, find out the rest below. 

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