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Trend Report: Bring Back the Anklet

The 90s are back in fashion. We’re talking scrunchies, mum jeans, cat eye sunnies, slip dresses and bum bags - that’s just to name a few. But our favourite 90s comeback among the many trends appearing this season is the anklet.

Not only has the beloved anklet made a return but it’s also moved up in the jewellery food chain. No longer just a fun beachside accessory, the anklet has resurfaced as a serious statement jewellery piece. Appearing in all its glory in countless 2018/19 summer runway shows, the anklet is this season's wardrobe staple.

How to Style the Anklet in 2018:

The beauty of the anklet trend is its versatility. Being more subtle than other jewellery pieces, the anklet is an ideal accessory for countless occasions. Whether you’re having a casual day shopping in town or sipping champagne at a cocktail party, the anklet could be the finishing touch you didn’t know your outfit needed. Just follow these easy anklet do’s and don’ts.

Do wear with heels

Many ladies have long lived under the assumption that anklets don’t work with heels but we beg to differ. An anklet is a great way to accessorise with your formal attire without going overboard with your jewellery.

Anklets with Heels

Don’t wear woven anklets unless your near the beach

As much as we love a good old colourful woven anklet, these are best saved for the beach or when on holiday. This style is very casual. Wearing the woven anklet on a night out will only look like it was forgotten rather than added.

Do wear with cut-off denim

Nothing beats an anklet sitting just under the frayed hem of some denim. Cut off jeans are everything in 2018 - particularly cut off mum jeans because the 90s are back of course!. You can never go wrong donning a delicate gold or silver anklet with some edgy cut off denim.

Cut Off Denim Anklets

Don’t wear to the office

For more laidback workplaces, you could get away with the anklet. However, if your dress code is corporate, an anklet definitely ain’t that.

Do wear with strappy sandals and heels

Popular on the runway, wearing a delicate anklet with some strappy wrap sandals or heels is a great way to work some subtle jewellery layering in to your look.

Strappy Sandal Anklets

Do wear with summer dresses

Resurfacing just in time for the warmer weather, a dainty anklet is obviously the perfect accessory with all your summer dresses. Mini, midi or maxi, an anklet paired with a flowing dress or slinky slip, is the ultimate summer combo.

Don’t be afraid to accessorise!

As the anklet is worn all the way down at your feet, this means you can still go crazy with all your other jewellery (well not too crazy, but you know what we mean). The anklet is a subtle addition to any look, leaving plenty of room to accessorise like you normally do with your favourite hoops, rings and necklaces.

You know exactly what this means ladies. It’s time to delve deep into your jewellery box and start sporting the anklet like you used to in the 90s. Having made such a colossal entry back on to the fashion radar, you may even need to expand your collection. Here are a few of our top picks to help you do just that.

Our Top Picks:

1. 9ct Yellow Gold Silver Filled Singapore Anklet

Singapore Anklet

2. Sterling Silver Ball Anklet

Ball Anklet

3. 9ct Yellow Gold 1:3 Figaro Anklet

Figaro Anklet

4. Sterling Silver Fancy Stars Charm Anklet

Fancy Stars Anklet

5. 9ct Yellow Gold Anklet with Cubic Zirconias

Cubic Zirconia Anklet

Everyone’s favourite 90s trend is here to stay - shop our full anklet collection online or instore today!

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