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Top 5 Work-Appropriate Jewellery Pieces

Not sure what work-appropriate jewellery for women is? It's always safest to go for simple & minimal. We pick out 5 must-have pieces for your work wardrobe.

When it comes to accessorising, the right jewellery can give your outfit an instant lift and this definitely applies to workwear too. Of course, what is considered work-appropriate jewellery will also depend on your job and the general dress code but when done correctly, it can be a great way to dress up a plain outfit and help you look more sophisticated and put together.

Yes, we hear you. Dressing for work is hard enough, let alone figuring out what jewellery to accessorise with. For many, jewellery is an afterthought in the rush to make it to the office on time. However, investing in some simple essentials can take the guesswork out of your morning routine.

If you’re like most working ladies, you probably already have your wardrobe divided into “work-appropriate” and “work-inappropriate” outfits - this should be the same for your jewellery. Storing your work jewellery in a separate location makes it easier to decide on the right pieces when push comes to shove.

So what is the right jewellery for work?

We’ve mentioned the importance of the “right” jewellery multiple times now, which is probably leaving you itching to know what exactly that is!

To help you figure this out, we’ve rounded up our top 5 most appropriate jewellery pieces for work. If you already have these, then set them aside for easy finding during your next morning scramble. If not, we highly recommend investing in these essentials as part of your office look.

1. Simple Pendants

Simple pendants are a staple for everyone’s wardrobe and perfect for work. The beauty of a simple pendant is you can wear it all the time and with any outfit. Sticking to plain, minimal styles will elevate your look while also leaving plenty of room to build your outfit with more simple pieces if you wish.

Quick tip: Avoid chunky statement necklaces or bold coloured gemstones (such as ruby or emerald). Pearls, diamonds and white cubic zirconias are best for work as they won’t draw too much attention.

simple pendants

2. Stud earrings

Stud earrings are always an elegant choice and a great option to wear with an updo for work. Again, we think less is more, so always err on the more simple side when choosing your studs. This also means you can pair them with a simple pendant like we mentioned above.

Quick tip: Studs are a good option if your outfit is a little busier, such as bold prints, pattern or floral. Simple studs work to elevate your look without going overboard. This isn’t to say that you can’t rep bold earrings with a bold print  - just save that look for after work.

work appropriate earrings

3. Subtle hoops

Hoop earrings are a playful option for regular wear, so it’s important to choose wisely if wearing them to work. There’s no need to ditch hoops altogether, just choose your more simple styles. A pair of subtle hoops are great for framing your face and making a small fashion statement with your go-to work uniform.

Quick tip: The bigger the hoop, the more minimal it should be. Less is more when it comes to larger hoops for work. Choosing plain, thin styles that don’t draw too much attention will work to your advantage over thick detailed hoops - again save those one’s for your night out with the girls!

work appropriate hoop earrings

4. Minimalistic rings

Minimalistic rings are great as a last minute addition to your work day look. Choosing minimalistic styles means you can even venture with some subtle stacking of your rings (just be careful not to go overboard as too many rings can be distracting at work).

Quick tip: If you decide on gemstones it’s best to stick to more subtle stones such as diamond or white zirconias. Also try wearing only one stone ring - multiple stones can look too ‘blingy’ for work.

minimalist rings

5. Bangles

Bangles can be risky if you spend a lot of time typing away at your computer (no one enjoys the sound of bangles clinking against the desk). However, this isn’t to say they should be avoided completely. Bangles are an elegant and subtle piece of jewellery that complement work outfits perfectly.

Quick tip: For those who are typing for most of their day, we suggest removing your bangle or simply moving it up your arm where it sits a bit tighter and won’t move around.

work appropriate bangles

And there you have it! Five essential jewellery pieces that are perfect for your work-appropriate jewellery collection. If you didn’t catch on already, our overall tip when it comes to work jewellery is that less is definitely more and simplicity is key. Follow this motto during your morning routine and you will nail work appropriate accessorising every time (no matter how crazy your morning is).

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