The wonderful world of tennis bracelets includes glamour, a defining tennis event, celebrities, diamonds and a whole lotta sparkle. As tennis bracelets continue to dominate the fashion industry, it's time to learn about what makes these wrist-charmers so special. We cover everything you need to know about tennis bracelets, from how they got their name (and spoiler alert: it will surprise you) to their many styles and features.  

Get inspired with this tennis bracelet guide, concluding with recommended tennis bracelets from our divine Shiels collection! 

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What is a tennis bracelet?

A tennis bracelet is an elegant bracelet made with a single line of diamonds or gemstones, connected by a gold, platinum or silver thin chain. The chain consists of individual links, providing flexibility while holding the diamonds close together. The diamonds in a tennis bracelet are closely matched in cut, colour, carat and clarity, giving the bracelet a uniform look. Tennis bracelets are renowned for their timeless style, seamlessly blending elegance with versatility. 

The most common diamond shape cut for tennis bracelets is the round diamond. However, tennis bracelets feature a variety of diamond shapes from the square princess cut diamond to the pear cut diamond. Crafted to fit all diamonds and gemstones, these bracelets are an adored accessory in the fashion industry. 

The price of the tennis bracelet depends on its quality; the more valuable the diamond, the higher the cost. The metal type, number of diamonds and size of diamonds may determine the price of the tennis bracelet. 

How did tennis bracelets originate?

Before these beautiful fashion pieces became the tennis bracelets we know and love today, they were called “eternity bracelets” or “line diamond bracelets”. Dating back to the 1920s, these bracelets were designed as a symbol of eternal love. People would purchase these bracelets as a romantic gesture to their partner. Adorned with gemstones, these bracelets had a strong romantic effect.

The one-line diamond bracelet design is credited to the late Italian jeweller, Giorgio Bulgari. He was the first to create the beloved design. Bulgari was also the first to combine gold and diamonds into a single piece of jewellery.

Bulgari’s design has since made an impressive impact on the fashion industry, being worn by celebrities, royalty and, of course, everyday people. These timeless fashion statements have since evolved to include various gemstones, including cubic zirconia, sapphire and turquoise.

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Why is it called a tennis bracelet?

Many people wonder why this precious type of bracelet is named the “tennis bracelet”. This confusion stems from the fact that the bracelet is not made exclusively for tennis players, and it is not usually worn in a tennis game. So, why name this bracelet after the sport? Well, you can thank the famous tennis player Chris Evert, who changed the jewellery game after one event. During the 1987 US Championships, Evert wore what was originally an eternity bracelet. Amid the action, the clasp broke, causing the bracelet to fall from her wrist. Evert requested that the game be paused so she can search for her bracelet. This incident was broadcasted on live TV, catching worldwide attention and curiosity. 

This event led to a high demand for these simple, flexible bracelets, prompting jewellery sellers to adopt the name “tennis bracelet”. Since then, these bracelets have thrived in the jewellery market. In fact, current famous tennis players like Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams have been flaunting these elegant pieces. 

Are tennis bracelets in style 2024

The world of tennis bracelets is only expanding in 2024. These bracelets have been worn since the 1920s, and they haven’t gone out of style since! With tennis bracelet related content roaming the internet more than ever this year, people are constantly drawn to the accessory. Many celebrities are wearing tennis bracelets this year. Celebrities including Billie Eilish, Zendaya and Kate Middleton have been spotted wearing these timeless beauties. Offering a bouquet of colours, sizes and shapes, it would be impossible for these diamond bracelets to go out of style.

Let's be honest; tennis bracelets are simply a great excuse to add diamonds to any outfit, whether you're in pyjamas or a fancy dress. In a time where fashion encourages self-expression and comfort, these versatile tennis bracelets are prompting people worldwide to purchase these comfortable yet divine wrist-enhancers. The ability to comfortably wear these bracelets in both active and non-active events is a huge benefit. 

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Different Styles of Tennis Bracelets

The beauty and benefits of tennis bracelets doesn't end here; tennis bracelets come in various styles for you to experiment with… how exciting! 

Tennis bracelets feature a range of prong settings. A prong setting, sometimes referred to as a claw setting, is a cradle for the diamond. Once a diamond is aligned into place, the rails of metal are attached firmly around the diamond to secure it. Tennis bracelets come in various prong settings. For example, a four-prong setting places an emphasis on the diamond, whereas a claw prong setting would ensure a simple style. 

Tennis bracelets also have a channel setting, which means that two thin rows of metal secure the stone on either side, with the diamonds fitting tightly together.

A bezel setting ensures that the metal surrounds each stone. A half bezel setting would have the metal only connected to two sides of the stone. 

These settings are essential to consider when choosing the right tennis bracelet. Such settings can determine the thickness and overall design of the bracelet. 

Learn more about bracelet styles with our informative guide on bracelet styles and types.

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Our Favourite Tennis Bracelets

Shiels offers a range of stunning tennis bracelets for every occasion. Our list of adored tennis bracelets will inspire you to elevate your fashion. 

Keep it classy with our sterling silver tennis bracelets. With a range of both natural and lab grown diamonds set in a delicate silver base, there is something for everyone. Our Luminesce Lab Grown 2 Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet in Sterling Silver is a favourite, as well as our Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated Zirconia Tennis 18.5cm Bracelet.

Not a fan of silver? We’ve got you covered. Our gold diamond bracelets including our 1 Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 9ct Yellow Gold is both simple and warm. The same goes for our Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia 19cm Tennis Bracelet. 

Tennis bracelets don’t have to be simple; we’ve got a range of colourful goods, too! Our Guess Gold-Plated Stainless-Steel Pink Tennis Bracelet is gorgeous, and so is our Sterling Silver Rose Gold Plated Multicolour Cubic Zirconia Adjustable Tennis Bracelet. 

Our range of warm, cool and multicolour tennis bracelets offers an accessory for everyone. Check out our bracelet sale


It is safe to say that tennis bracelets are a huge part of the fashion industry, drawing the eyes of tennis players, celebrities and everyday people. The flexibility, style and overall comfort of these bracelets makes them a winner. Tennis bracelets will never do you wrong; they work with every outfit and add glam to your life. Now that you know the history, styles and benefits of tennis bracelets, go and show the world your amazing bracelet style and knowledge with our Shiels collection of tennis bracelets.

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