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Carbon Fibre Rings
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Carbon Fibre Rings

Carbon fibre is one of the most intriguing materials you could have a ring crafted from. Make a statement about your uniqueness while you surpass the more traditional gold and silver rings on the market.

Shiels’ carbon fibre rings are each unique and designed to flatter you. Geometric shapes blend seamlessly with the steely quality of carbon fibre. Crafted with intricate designs laid over stunning deep grey tones, these rings are the perfect accessories to go with your sleekest outfit.  The variety of designs available includes straightforward, yet complex geometric designs as well as flowing symbols etched into this unique material. The more you look at these rings on your hand, the more you’ll love it.

These carbon fibre rings are designed to make you look good and couldn’t be easier to match with any outfit. If these aren’t to your taste, we also stock other rings in mystic topaz, gold, silver and more.

For Carbon Fibre Rings in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, you can't go past Shiels. Shop online or in store now.

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