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Diamond Pendants
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    Sterling Silver Diamond Infinity Pendant
    Sterling Silver Diamond Infinity Pendant
    $29.00 $49.00
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    Sterling Silver Diamond Pedia Pendant With 45cm Chain
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Diamond Pendants

Nothing expresses the elegant you quite like a diamond pendant from Shiels. Choose from a wide range of stunning designs and exquisite diamonds to complement any outfit or style.

The diamonds are often combined with other precious stones such as rubies, onyx, amethyst and emeralds to create intricate and colourful statement jewellery. Available in gold, white gold, rose gold or silver metals, there is a diamond pendant to suit every taste. Simple pendants are perfect for those everyday beloved items, whilst some of the larger and more colourful diamond pendants make beautiful statement pieces that are sure to turn heads.

Diamond pendants make special gifts for any occasion and become cherished items that are loved forever. Help celebrate a milestone like a birthday, engagement or promotion with the gift of a diamond pendant. 

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