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What Shape Engagement Ring Should I Get?

When shopping for engagement rings, a lot of brides and grooms generally have some idea of what style of ring and it is often something that reflects their personal style. However, there are also many couples that haven’t given their engagement ring much thought. This can make it very hard to narrow down your choices. 

From traditional diamond engagement rings to eclectic coloured engagement rings, gemstone engagement rings and everything in between, there are an abundance of different styles and looks to choose from. When choosing you or your partner’s ring, arguably the first thing you should have locked in is the engagement ring shape. But before you go ahead and ask yourself, what shape engagement ring should I get? You should at first look at all the different factors out there that will help determine what one is right for you. 

This handy guide is here to help you with all your burning questions on engagement ring shapes including what are the most popular engagement ring shapes and what shape engagement would likely suit you and your hand or finger size the most. So, read on for tips on how to pick the right shape for your big, bright and beautiful sparkler. 

What Shape Engagement Ring Should I Get?


What Are The Most Popular Engagement Ring Shapes?

Whether its a diamond solitaire engagement ring, an antique-style ring, a zirconia engagement ring, something with gemstones, or a halo ring, each engagement ring will have its own unique shape. Some are more popular than others and some will only suit certain settings or a particular diamond cut. The six engagement ring shapes and diamond cuts are by far the most popular for brides and grooms when making their selection. 

Round Engagement Rings 

When talking about engagement ring shapes it is hard not to first mention the king of all diamond ring shapes, the round engagement ring. Round engagement rings are by far the most popular and that is largely due to the fact that they are so versatile. Round engagement rings can take on many forms from your classic solitaire ring to a grand halo design and everything in between.

what shape engagement ring should I get: round cut

Some round engagement rings will feature a single round cut diamond while others will feature an array of smaller diamonds that are not strictly a round-cut. One thing that truly separates round shaped engagement rings from the rest are their magnificent sparkle. Diamonds cut into a round shape typically feature between 57 and 58 facets, this gives diamonds with this shape a unique abilitiy to reflect light and dispel colour. 

Princess-Cut Engagement Rings

Giving off a slightly more contemporary vibe that is perfect for the modern bridge…or groom, princess-cut engagement rings are rings that feature a square-shaped diamond with corners that are curved at a 90-degree angle. Evolving from the French-cut, this diamond cut has been capturing the hearts of brides and grooms everywhere since the early 1980s.

what shape engagement ring should I get: princess cut

Predominantly set into solitaire and halo rings, princess-cut engagement rings offer a great deal of sparkle due to their unique shape and have a significant price than the round-cut diamonds meaning that shoppers who purchase a princess-cut diamond are likely to get more bang for their buck. But what will really make you feel like royalty when wearing a ring with this diamond-cut is the colour they emit. If you look closely and one of these rings and hold them up to the light, you will see a distinct amount of colour each of the stone’s corners. It is a stark contrast to other diamond cuts that often display colour in its very centre. 

Cushion-Cut Engagement Rings

Vintage lovers will certainly fall in love with the cushion-cut diamond as it has a real old-timey feel about it that will be forever timeless. Often confused with princess-cut and other square diamond cuts, cushion-cut engagement rings acquired sleepwear-themed name is often attributed to the stone’s rounded edges and larger facets that often resemble a pillow. It is these same attributes that often give cushion-cut engagement rings immaculate brilliance and clarity.

what shape engagement ring should I get: cushion cut

First introduced in the early 1800s during the Victorian era, cushion-cut diamonds are often regarded as the predecessor of the modern-day round-cut diamond. However, don’t let this diamond-cut’s age scare you away as the cushion-cut diamond remains as a beloved engagement ring style to this day with the likes of Kim Kardashian, Meghan Markle and Jennifer Lawrence all owning engagement rings adorned with this diamond-cut. 


Oval Engagement Rings 

Embodying a classic design with a modern twist, oval engagement rings are popular among brides and grooms because not only do they help accentuate slender fingers, but they also have incredible brilliance that is similar to a round cut. Popularised by the rich and famous, Oval-cut diamonds are often regarded as a modified version of the traditional round-cut diamond. Oval engagement rings sparkle in a very unique way and their 57 facets allow for extra shimmer from all angles.

what shape engagement ring should I get: oval cut

Oval engagement rings are typically accompanied by traditional solitaire settings, geometric bezel settings and the uber-fabulous halo setting, however, the beauty with oval-cut diamonds is that they pretty much go great with just about any setting. This versatility is perhaps why oval engagement rings are so beloved by many including celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian, Blake Lively, Ariana Grande and Kate Middleton-two wears her late mother-in-law Princess Diana’s iconic sapphire engagement ring

Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

Resembling a single drop of water, pear-shaped engagement rings are often regarded as one of the “new classics”. Adorned with an elegant point that subtly elongates the fingers, pear shaped engagement rings are characterised as rings that feature a single pear-cut diamond, a cluster of round-cut or baguette diamonds that together form a sophisticated pear shape and sometimes these rings combine both of those aspects.

what shape engagement ring should I get: pear shaped

Engagement rings with a pear-cut diamond are produced in a way that optimises maximum brilliance, meaning that symmetry is extremely important when choosing a diamond for your pear-shaped engagement ring. Aptly nicknamed the “teardrop” engagement ring, they are said to represent the tears of joy that are often experienced when becoming engaged. Their feminine and stylish shape has been used in engagement rings since the early 18th-century where they were combined to complement the dazzling elegance of round-cut diamonds. 

Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings

Boasting a rectangular shape with rounded edges, emerald-cut engagement rings are a favourite among art deco lovers, as well as those with a penchant for glamour. Their uniquely-shaped facets give off an equally unique sparkle that is favoured by the world’s biggest diamond jewellery lovers including Elizabeth Taylor, Jennifer Lopez and former first lady Jackie Kennedy.

what shape engagement ring should I get: emerald cut

Originally used as a cut for emerald jewellery (hence its name)  it wouldn’t be long before jewellery makers began utilising this cut for diamonds after discovering that its stepped facets and large rectangular table at the front helped to enhance the diamond’s colouring and overall brilliance while also helping the stone appear larger than the average round-cut diamond. 

What Shape Engagement Ring Should I Get?

While some have had their heart set on a particular engagement ring shape since they were practically a child, others rely on their body to help them make that decision, namely their hands. We are all different shapes and sizes, so, while some of us have big hands with long, narrow fingers, others have small hands with short fingers. And much like how certain items of clothing can complement certain body types better than others, your hands may just dictate what style of engagement ring suits you the best. 

Best Engagement Rings for Short Fingers

If you or your partner has short fingers, your aim should be to find an engagement ring design that makes the fingers appear leaner and longer. This is something you are able to achieve by opting for a vertically-set engagement ring with an elongated diamond or gemstone shape such as an emerald-cut engagement ring, a pear-shaped engagement ring or an oval engagement ring. These engagement ring shapes not only help draw attention away from shorter fingers while also helping to create an illusion that the fingers are leaner and longer. When choosing a setting for your engagement ring along and then eventually a wedding ring for the big day, you should choose a thinner band that doesn’t cover up too much of your finger. 

what shape engagement ring should I get: short hands

Best Engagement Rings for Small Hands

For those with petite hands and a generally smaller frame, you won’t want anything that is too elaborate or anything that would be perceived as too clunky on smaller hands. The engagement rings that are ideal for those with smaller hands are the rings with the daintier settings such as a solitaire, bezel or channel set ring. A beautiful yet timeless round-cut diamond or a cushion-cut diamond would also look stunning on a bride or groom with smaller hands. If you are a bit of a minimalist or are on the hunt for something a little more simple, you could also opt for an elegant diamond pave ring or a channel-set ring. 

what shape engagement ring should I get: small hands

Best Engagement Rings for Large Hands

If you have larger hands, they can easily take the attention away from your ring if it is too small. So, if your hands are a little on the larger side, take advantage of this by opting for an engagement ring with a larger stone and a more statement setting. Look for engagement rings adorned with a grander diamond-cut such as a princess-cut diamond, an oval-cut diamond or a pear-shaped diamond. Alternatively, stray away from large centre stones and instead opt for a design that features an array of brilliant-cut diamonds arranged in a cluster, halo or split-shank setting. These designs not only provide a great deal of sparkle, but they are also a lot more affordable and help accentuate the diamond rather than the size of your hands. 

what shape engagement ring should I get: large hands\

Best Engagement Rings for Long Fingers 

If you or your partner are blessed with long and slender fingers, the good news is that you will not have to find an engagement ring that helps accentuate them. This means while you may have more freedom when making your selection, it may also stop minimalist and daintier rings from having the desired effect. To ensure this doesn’t happen with your engagement ring, don’t be afraid to go big and bold with the design. Embrace rings with statement settings including halo and set rings as well as settings with a slightly thicker band or a curvature in them. When it comes to the diamond, look for ambiguous diamond cuts such as the princess-cut, emerald-cut, cushion-cut diamonds along with larger brilliant-cut diamonds. 

what shape engagement ring should I get for long fingers

Best Engagement Rings for Large Knuckles

For those with large and pronounced knuckles, you are going to want to draw people’s attention away from them much like you would with short and stubby fingers. Even out your look with large bands that feature a more elaborate design, larger diamond cuts as well as diamond-encrusted settings. Push the envelope with a trilogy ring, a statement band or a diamond design with a wider surface. Look into bridal sets that are sure to grab people’s attention, larger gemstone rings or even a diamond cluster ring that will help bring maximum sparkle. Alternatively, look into a stylish diamond pave ring with an enlarged or unconventional setting.

what shape engagement ring should I get: large knuckles

What Hand Do Engagement Rings Go On? 

Despite years and years of traditions, the one thing many people can’t seem to figure out is what hand do engagement rings go on and that is because there is really no right or wrong answer. Spiritual and cultural values all over the globe have long dictated what hand and finger the engagement ring, wedding ring and eternity ring goes on. In many western countries, bridal jewellery is traditionally worn on the finger closest to your pinky on your left hand. This marital tradition stems from the belief that there is a vein located in this finger that leads directly to the heart. Referred to as the vena amoris, people have adopted this belief since Alexander the Great conquered Egypt in 332 BC. But not all cultures share this belief. In Russia, Norway, Spain, India and Germany, the ring is typically worn on the same finger but on the right hand as the left hand is considered “unclean” in some cultures. 

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