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1 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Feeling the pressure to deliver something extra special on that 1 year anniversary? Don’t worry, you’ll find 1 year anniversary gift ideas to celebrate 365 days of wonderful time together right here. 

Firstly, a big congratulations for making it to the 1 year mark. Time flies when you’re in love, hey! A 1 year milestone is a big occasion and something that should be marked with a spectacular gift. Sure you can book a fancy dinner date night but why not think about something that will leave a lasting impression? 

Whether it’s your 1 year wedding anniversary or you’re celebrating a year in each other's company, we have gift ideas for you.

1 year anniversary gift ideas for all couples

1 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas Overview:

Romantic Gifts

When it comes to anniversary gifts, everybody always thinks of flowers. But have you ever thought about flowers that will last for years? That’s right, they do exist. Eternity, long-lasting or forever flowers are preserved flowers that last for up to 3 years. You’ll be able to sweep them off their feet with flowers that are sure to woo them all over again. They are classic, intimate, and a little bit flirty!

Alternatively, lockets are also a great romantic option. They feature intricate engraving to say ‘i love you,’ elegant swirls and butterfly designs. The range provides a sentiment that pulls on the heartstrings! 

Fun Gifts

If you’re more into creative gifts and traditional isn't your thing. Be sure to take advantage of these fun 1 year anniversary gift ideas. Everybody thinks of gifting photos but what about photo magnets? You can relive all of your best memories of your first year together by turning your favourite photos of each other into magnets that you can look at over and over again! 

Something else that will stand the test of time is a new watch. You may not be able to gift that Rolex they have been dreaming of, but these expertly selected watch gifts will go a long way to pleasing your partner. 

Adventurous Gifts

Yes, you can get them that dream holiday that they have been dreaming of or one of those scratchable world maps so you can mark off where you have been together, but we have something just as good. 

Pieces of jewellery like the map pendant above will remind your partner about those good times you spent together travelling. Or maybe they are a commitment to show them that you are going to travel together once COVID-19 restrictions ease. These pendants and earrings will definitely be a favourite for those who love to travel!

Meaningful Gifts

It’s okay to pull out all the stops for your 1 year anniversary. After all, it shows them how much you care and reinforces your commitment to them. Meaningful gifts are all about personalisation. You can opt for a piece of initial jewellery, but we recommend an eternity ring or promise ring. You'll find the perfect gift right here. 

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