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Gold Engagement Rings
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Gold Engagement Rings

For a classic engagement ring, beautiful yellow gold adds a dash of colour and elegant style. This is the perfect style to demonstrate the power of love, and the commitment you are promising to keep.

Adding colourful precious gemstones such as emeralds rubies or sapphires creates a stunning contrast to a gold engagement ring. The vibrant colours contrasted with sparkling diamonds make a dazzling statement that is sure to set you apart.

Gold suits antique styled rings beautifully and is the perfect colour for those who prefer everything a little bit vintage. However it is also becoming a lot more popular with younger couples who want something unique, and therefore looks natural with a more modern style of ring.

For those looking for more variety, Shiels also have a collection of premium white gold and rose gold engagement rings

Buying the perfect engagement ring for yourself or a loved one is made a lot easier with Shiels range of exquisitely crafted rings.

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