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Gold Filled Bracelets
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Gold Filled Bracelets

Check out Australia’s best collection of gold filled bracelets today at Shiels Jewellers. 

Choose from our incredible range of elegant gold filled bracelets for the style that works best for you. Wear them individually, add your favourite Shiels gold pendant, or layer them for a stunning look that will add amazing texture to your outfit and accentuate the colours in your wardrobe.

This timeless precious metal is the most popular choice for good reason and remains a timeless staple for jewellery lovers worldwide.

Whether you prefer bracelets that are fine, chunky, or simple and elegant, our high quality gold filled bracelets have 100% more gold than bracelets that are just gold plated making the pieces we have on offer from our collection beautiful and tarnish resistant. You don’t have to worry about our beautiful bracelets flaking or losing their beautiful colour over time.

For a gift that won’t be soon forgotten, treat yourself or a special someone to a gold filled bracelet from Shiels.

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