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Gold Pendants
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    9ct Yellow Gold Pearl Pendant
    9ct Yellow Gold Pearl Pendant Now
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    9ct Yellow and White Gold Swan Pendant
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    9ct Mutli Tone Knot Pendant
    9ct Mutli Tone Knot Pendant Now
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Gold Pendants

Dazzle and glow when you buy gold pendants in all the latest styles from Shiels. The gold pendant is the ultimate statement piece for Summer, making it a must-have in every girl’s jewellery collection.

With a diverse selection of both classic and contemporary designs, we have a pendant to complement any personality and outfit. Choose from iconic styles such as the coin pendant, plain simple medallions, or vintage-look pendants. Layer over more gold pendants to achieve an on-trend look or style with some gold rings or hoop earrings.

Add some colour to your look with gold pendants that are married with precious stones like emerald, ruby and sapphire. Diamonds are also a gorgeous inclusion to any statement pendant, sparkling brighter than ever when contrasted with yellow gold.

Whether you’re looking for a religious piece, a pendant to personalise, or a beautiful and intricate design, you will find the perfect pendant in our collection. Shop the most beautiful collection of gold pendants Australia has to offer today from Shiels.

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